Can you still remember this diagram below from the book titled "Land Reclaimation"of a Pacific Island nation (either Tonga or one of those small Pacific Island nations).

Remember I had this book at UPNG in 1997 and you got it off me.

I thought this would have been a very cheap and simple way of reclaiming land from the sea.

*Sand is forced through the pile of stones (rocks) and coconut leaves by the direction of sea waves.

*When the wave is hit back into the sea it does not hit back with much force therefore the stone (rock) pile and the coconut leaves are able to hold back the sand from going into the deep sea.

Donít you think that this would have been better than the current sea walls at Mortlock







Direction of Sea waves Wave hit back into Sea



SEA Stone (Rock) Pile


Coconut leaves

(Stops sand being washed back into sea) LAND

Stone (Rock) pile

( Stops sand being washed

back into sea) Stone (Rock) Pile

Coconut leaves Wave hit back into Sea





Stone (Rock) pile

Direction of Sea waves Stone (Rock) Pile