Te Association na Taku’u e noho i Lei



Minutes of the First Meeting

Venue : Tappie Uruaka’s Wind house

Date : 12th November 2000

Chairman : Tautai Teneke

Secretary : Tappie Uruaka

Present : Pakau Teloma, Paul Matappepe, Amuri Apawa, Tautai Teneke, David Taku,

Tappie Uruaka, Alphonse Morris, Jaffie Amani, Rup Pate, Ella Manava, Taku Kipu




Welcome and Briefing

The Chairman (Tautai ) opened the meeting at 1620 hrs welcoming everyone to the first meeting. He also explained the followings;

    1. Purpose of the meeting
    2. Association
    3. MV Sankamap
    4. Land for resettlement

5. Other Business

  1. The purpose of the meeting was to keep every Mortlock Islander living in Lae abreast of the latest development culminating from the exchanges of e-mails re the effects of global warming (plus other factors and theories) to Taku’u, what other wantoks living in other urban centres & those abroad are doing towards the course and if those of us in Lae could and would take a similar approach in raising funds through an association (the medium) .

2. It was received with much interest and an association was to be formed (to adapt the constitution of the National Association) and the following were voted in through consensus as the executives of the inaugural association.

President : Paul Matappepe

Treasurer : Pakau Teloma

Secretary : Tappie Uruaka

Action Point: Tappie to liase with Sione for draft of the National Association’s constitution and ensure the Lae Taku’u Association is operating legally and in unison with the national association.

Special mention was made that Fifaia Matainaho should be able to join the team very shortly after his overseas assignment, and also few ones " also missing in action" even though not hooked up to e-mail systems should be able to contribute immensely to the group e.g., William Nunua, Tata Telavika and Matahitu Faite. The group looks forward to their joining them.

Action Point: Tautai to follow up with those " missing in action" and ensure their participation in future meetings and gatherings.

It was agreed that a cheque account be opened for the association at (PNGBC – preferred) the signatories who would be the executives. A minimum of two signatories at any one time to do a transaction for and on behalf of the association.

Action Point: Tappie to organise the account’s opening at PNGBC

It was further agreed that the association (when up and going) would be independent and accountable for its own funds and activities however would work in unison with other associations and the national association. It is envisaged that somewhere along the line funds would have to be requested by the national association to share costs incurred for studies etc relating to the welfare of Taku’u and its people so it would be in our interest to have our president as an automatic selection as an executive of the National Association.

Membership fees to kick start the association are as follows;

Family K20.00

Single K10.00

Unemployed K5.00

Action Point: Pakau to collect and chase up membership fees

The secretary - Tappie was asked to write to the President of Aviat Club Inc to host some fund raising – formal dinner dances for the association and Paul would need to communicate the tentative dates for the fund raisings at the Aviat club.

Action Point: Tappie and Paul as asked

The next meeting was set down for Sunday 19th Nov at Tappie’s haus wind where the first fund raising barbeque would also be staged.


3. The other agenda briefly touched was the MV Sankamap fiasco. It is the Lae group’s belief that till such time we get Provincial Government position on the ship we are not in a position to do much apart from contributing funds to evacuating the stranded crews ie if we have some wantoks there eg Konga.

Action Point: Paul to get official Prov Govt position and liase with key contacts of other associations on how we are able to assist with the stranded crews.

  1. Land for resettlement was also briefly touched. It is the general idea/ feeling that the land that would be available to us must be strategically located and a good area say close to Kieta/ Happy valley areas. There is the need to get official advice from Provincial Government.
  2. Action Point: Paul

  3. As part of the fund raising drive, Amuri Apawa has availed himself to teach some young taupearas on na rue. This we believe should compliment the famous knife dance and be staged prior to any formal dinner dances. The dancing group should and would be available on hire on requests. Practice would start Monday 13th Nov 2000.
  4. Action Point: Tappie to drive the issue by picking up and dropping off

  5. There, being no more agendas for discussion, the meeting was closed at 0710 hrs. The next meeting would be Sunday 18th Nov at the same venue. Families are asked to kindly bring any food staff that would have to be sold for the association.