Meeting # 3 na Takuu in Port Moresby

Venue: Lakoa Fitina’s Residence

3.30 PM, 11th November, 2000

Attendance: (In lexicographic order on first name)

Ms. Akae Paasia

Mr. & Mrs. Atahe Kapo

Mr. Dickson Terupo & Family

Mr. Emil Asimi

Lakoa’s & Family

Mr. & Mrs. Gabutu Hariki

Mr. Geoffery Matainaho

Mr. & Mrs. Kingsley Sele

Ms. Kunaika Nunua

Mr. Manumoana Atahu

Mr. Marena Sansan

Mr. Momia Tefatu

Mr. Oscar Uruaka

Mr. & Mrs Paasia Momoa

Mr. Poroa Saramasi

Mr. Ruben Pilito

Mr. & Mrs. Sare Nunua

Mr. Sarimu Kanu & Family

Mr. Sione Paasia

Mr. Teika Tefatu

Mr. Telavika Faite

Ms. Teneke Tefatu

Ms. Tokorima Momoa



The following is an account of the third meeting of the Takuu people in Port Moresby. The meeting was held in Lakoa Fitina’s back yard, at 3.00 pm on the 11th of November, 2000.



Welcome & Introduction:

Teapa welcomed everybody and thanked them for coming. He informed the gathering that the primary reasons for the meeting was to vote for new office bearers, and also to raise funds, to kick start the association account. He informed that earlier, preliminery meetings had convened to discuss the problem of sea-level rise and the effects that this is having on the people of Takuu. There had also been a lot of discussions on the internet, via emails, about the problem, and possible solutions, to the problem of sea-level rise.


Agenda 1: Election of Office Bearers

It was agreed that the Port Moresby Takuu people would form an association, and that this association would form a part of the larger, association of Takuu people throughout PNG and the world. It was also agreed that this association would be incorporated/registered to enable it to engage in various fund-raising activities.

The group voted for the following people to form the executive of the association:

President : Sione Paasia

Vice-President : Kingsley Sele

Treasurer: Sarimu Kanu

Secretary : Lakoa Fitina


Three of these people would be signatories to a new passbook or cheque account, to be oppenned in the coming week.



Agenda 2: Engineering Review Committee

Teapa further informed the group that an Engineering Review Committee had been

formed to look at several proposals suggested as possible solutions or partial

solutions to the sea-level rise problem. This group consists of Sione Paasia, Marena

Sansan, Sarimu Kanu, Lakoa Fitina in Port Moresby. It was noted that we also have

Engineers and gelologists in other centres of PNG, namely Mannie Mehu, Arnold Paasia in Lihir, Teatutai Sione in Ok Tedi, and Fifaia Matainaho in Lae, who could form an overall engineering committee consisting of Takuu technical experts throughout the country.


AOB:. The group recognised that the association would be richer with the inclusion of ladies in the executive. It was decided that the president would deliberate on the matter and nominate a lady to be part of the executive committee.


The End: There being no further matters to discuss, the meeting ended at 5.30 pm.




























R a b a u l M o r t l o c k A s s o c i a t i o n

P O Box 291


East New Britain


6th November, 2000


Hon. Michael Ogio, MP

Deputy Prime Minister and

Member for North Bougainville

Parliament Haus


National Capital District


My dear Member and Deputy Prime Minister

Please allow me to convey on behalf of the members of the Mortlock Islands Association in East New Britain our congratulations on your elevation to the high office of Deputy Prime Minister and Ministry of Forests, Culture and Tourism. We would like to let you know that we also share with you the joy and elation as a result of your elevation to the high office of Deputy Prime Minister. Your promotion to the high offices reflects on your astuteness and exemplary performance and the respect you have gained amongst your peers as our Member of Parliament. It also shows the stable and visionary leadership you displayed so far as our leader.

Without taking too much of your precious time, we would also like to take this opportunity to bring to your attention the plight of the people of the Mortlock and other outlying atolls that are now sinking as a result of the effects of global warming. As you are aware, Caterets Islands has been the worst affected but present indications are that the water level is rising rapidly in the Mortlock Island group that is also accelerating the rate of soil erosion. We, Mortlock Islanders throughout the country have been concerned about it and are having meetings throughout the country to discuss solutions to the problem. It is our view that the construction of seawalls is a temporary measure to address the issue whilst a more permanent measure is to re-activate the re-settlement program that was implemented before the crisis as a matter of urgency. We probably need to undertake a study to determine the effects of global warming and the rate of rise in sea level in order to come up with concrete proposals to build seawalls and look at the option of relocating the village to mainland Bougainville.


We will be getting in touch with our colleagues in Port Moresby to seek a meeting with you to fully brief you of the situation.

Please accept our best wishes on your grand appointment.

Yours sincerely,





Lauatu Tautea