The Objectives of Association Na Takuu

  1. To promote and foster unity and interaction among members of Association Na Takuu;
  2. To promote and foster unity and interaction between members of Association Na Takuu and the people on Takuu;
  3. To preserve Takuu culture and traditions;
  4. To promote awareness of and to address issues relating to global warming affecting Takuu;
  5. To raise funds to support the objectives and activities of the association;
  6. To promote a ‘forum’ to address political, social, economic and religious issues;
  7. To promote and encourage sustainable living;
  8. To develop a dialogue and to work closely with Takuu leaders and Matuas and the political leadership at every level of government;
  9. To promote unity and interaction between the people of Takuu, Nukumanu, Nuguria, Peilau, Luaniua and Sekeiana.