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From this page you can find out a little more about the Langford Family.

The two names, "Langford", "Lankford" (plus "Lanceford" and "Longford"). have been used interchangeably in America for over 300 years. Historians say that the name originated in ancient Britain to designate the residents of a place called "the long ford." Over generations many variations have been used. The names were not spelled consistently because many, or most, of the emigrants could not read or write and could not supply a proper spelling. Neither could most of the settlers who were already here. Those emigrants who could read and write became the clerks, notaries, and scribes. They recorded the names as they sounded in many cases. Clerks in early America used their own judgment. Often the names Lankford and Langford are both used in the same court record, and some in the same paragraph!

See map for locations of towns with the Langford name in England. There were Langfords in Plymouth, Massachusetts as early as 1632, and in Virginia as early as 1638.

When our people were in Georgia they were often recorded as "Lankford" but when they moved to Florida most of them used the "Langford" spelling.

Naturally, we feel "Langford" is the correct spelling, but there are probably a lot of "Lankfords"; who are our distant cousins, and just as convinced theirs is the "true" spelling.

If you have any information pertaining to the Langford, or other Surnames that would be of value to this site, please send an email message to Glenn Langford (subject: Family Tree), who tries to maintain this site.

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