Lavinia's Most Abused Fonts

Yes, I admit. I am addicted to fonts. It started innocently enough- dowloading just a few here and there, but soon it became too much. Who really NEEDS a font of cartoons featuring members of Depeche Mode? That's the point of fonts- half of them you will probably never use, but they're free. FREEEEEE!!!!So here are many fonts I've smuggled and use (slightly) regularly.All these fonts are zipped, so you'll need Winzip.If for some wiggy reason Winzip doesn't work on your computer, e-mail me and I'll send you the files unzipped. Aren't I a nice person??:-) But because I'm not THAT nice, these fonts aren't for MAC users. Sorry- it would take me forever to make these MAC compatable. If you really, really, REALLY want to be nice and convert them to MAC format for me and send them to me, I'll put them up on the page.

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AbaddonAssimilateBad AcidBard BeetlejuiceBlood of DraculaBloodyBones BucephalusCaslon AntiqueCaslon Antique ItalicClose to Me Creepy GirlDemon NightEnyaFangs GhoulyGoodbye Cruel WorldKelly Ann Gothic>Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me Depeche ModebatsMorpheusNitemareNorumbega NosferatuOgilviePsycho PoetryQuake RockyRoyal PainSatanickSingothic TechnobatsViolatorWarlock