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Maria's Taco Xpress 

every Friday Night (as weather permits) 7:00-9PM

S. Lamar and Bluebonnet 

It's fun - Grab a taco al Pastor,  a Mango Margarita and enjoy la musica!

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New Location 2003 -- 11241 Slaughter Creek Drive 
March 16, 2003  2PM
Photos from Sunday March 18th 2001 Barn Dance

Did you notice the Bluebonnets in the front?

No Parking Eastside of street

Please the infrastructure does not support it.
Leeann Atherton
& Friends
and special guests from around the world!


Amanda (Hug&Kiss)  and Fonty.

There were Red-Bluebonnets as well!


Thanks to all the Great BBQ volunteers! Darrell & Jim and to all those past (we know who you are) and future!!!  We love you! 
You sure made it smell YUMMY! Fred.jpg (44644 bytes)

To all the volunteers!

Karen, Who's the cute guy?
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Doak Short and Mombo Doak Short
The Chiwawa's arrive
girls.jpg (51362 bytes)

mombo.jpg (27193 bytes)

jimbo and mombo

the beautiful marianna

JudyDan.jpg (48727 bytes)
baby.jpg (39902 bytes)

Lone Star Man.

quatro.jpg (54998 bytes) Beth belts the blues

quatropaw.jpg (40904 bytes)

Mike Stevenson discusses Sound with the Master Beach The beautiful Shelley King! Redheads Unite!!! janeDixie.jpg (56616 bytes)
sherryFamily.jpg (34841 bytes)

whitey.jpg (53723 bytes)
FOOD, FOOD, and more food...Thanks for a wonderful Barn Dance!

Tammy and her Pizza Art --- South Austin

Tammy and her PIZZA ART ---


Now this is a gathering...South Austin Style! Thanks Leeann, until the next Barn Dance!
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