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The Dream part 33

Two days after Davy returned home, we had visitors. After a late breakfast the morning after our first gig with Davy in a full month, we were relaxing in the living room before heading out to do war games. There was a bright flash of light and two badly injured people, a man and a woman, appeared in the middle of the living room.

<<Monkees, I have need of your help,>> a voice announced in our mind. We looked up to see a tall woman dressed in silver-coloured Greco-Roman attire.

"Roma?" I whispered.

<<It is I. I am glad you recognize me chosen one. Do you recognize these two?>> She pointed to the pair on our living room floor. I walked over and knelt by them.

"Aggie! Al! What happened?" I gasped as I recognized the pair of leapers from my fanfic collaboration with Enola.

<<They met an enemy that was too much for them. Normally they would go to the cabin but for once their injuries are too severe for Albert to handle himself. I need you to nurse them back to health. Ericka Peterson is an excellent healer and will help them regain their fighting strength.>>

"I . . . uh yeah we will. Peter, call Ericka right away!" I said.

<<Not you. You, Lenora Dolenz, and you, George Michael Dolenz, are needed to take their place while they heal.>>

"Why us?" Micky asked.

"Aggie and Al are linked . . . so are we . . . " I mused.

<<You are correct. For the missions they are given, a link is necessary. It is easier for me to choose a pair who are already linked instead of a pair who are not.>>

"But . . . how long will we be gone?" Micky asked.

"Yeah, what are we gonna do without them? We canít cancel more gigs!" Mike said.

<<I estimate they will be healed in five weeks time. David can take Michaelís place, Peter and Isabel can cover Lenoraís.>>

"Me?" Davy squeaked.

"I . . . I canít play a gig!" Isa protested.

<<You will.>> Romaís tone brooked no disagreement. <<Say your goodbyes, and get ready to leap.>>

Micky and I quickly hugged everyone. "Take care of yourself, shotgun," I whispered to Peter. He nodded. Micky and I stepped up to the bandstand and held hands. A handlink appeared in my free hand.

<<I believe you know what this is for Lenora,>> Roma said. I nodded, sliding it into my pocket. <<Godspeed and good luck.>> I felt a tingling sensation and the Pad vanished in a flash of blue light.

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