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"The Dramatic Dilema" by Lenora McCoy (Spring, 1994)
This story is about a high school student finding out that her drama teacher has been fired and they will be getting a new drama teacher. My first halfway decent short story.
Dinnertime Dialogue (Winter 1996)
This was written for my fall 1996 Writing class. We had to write a dialogue between three or more characters. I borrowed some ideas about the origins of Project Quantum Leap from the novel Prelude and stuck myself in as a third character.
"Switched Suitcases" (Winter 1996)
Written for my fall 1996 Writing class. A short piece about the man who owns a suitcase that just happens to be identical to hers . . . identical enough that the suitcases were switched!
Some short vignettes (Winter 1996)
These are short pieces from an assignment in my fall 1996 Writing class. These kind of show my state of mind at the time -- Quantum Leap obviously influenced these!

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