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"Scooby Doo Meets the Monkees" (Winter 1997)
This is my first Monkees fanfic, and also my first mystery. It takes after the old Scooby Doo movies series, where Scooby met a new celebrity every week. While anxiously waiting for Cartoon Network to play the episode where Scooby met Davy Jones, I started writing this story, where Scooby meets all four Monkees . . . and Mr. Babbit!
"Twas a Monkee Christmas" (Winter 1997)
My first parody! This is a parody of the old favorite, "The Night Before Christmas" -- with a Monkee twist!
"Multiple Monkee Personalities" (Fall/Winter 1997-98)
My first Monkees/Quantum Leap crossover. Sam leaps into Micky to prevent an accident on the set of the Monkees, while technician Agnes Garreffa (from the New Leaper series of stories) spends time getting to know Micky in the Waiting Room.
"You Monka Cookie, Cooka Monkee" (Spring/Summer 1998)
Things are a little Monkee-nuts when Agnes (from my New Leaper stories) leaps into Micky Dolenz during the filming of "Monkees Chow Mein"! See the Monkees show through a fan's eyes!
Space Monkee Mafia
This is a pair of trilogies, "Space Monkee -- Micky Dolenz" and "Space Monkee Mafia", featuring the Monkees each finding themselves in the universe of Star Trek

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