Greetings and Welcome to Lilith's Things. Here you will find some little things that I make, cross stitch ornaments, clay figures, and more, and make available to you, the pagan shopper. I never know what's going to catch my fancy so you never know what's going to be here. Most items are one of a kind, so if you see something you like, you'd better snatch it up, 'cause I get terribly bored doing the same thing over and over again. (It's a libra trait, can't help it, it's in the DNA.)

I accept cash, check or money orders (though sending cash through the mail is really risky and I wouldn't advise it). All prices are in U.S. dollars, cause that's where I live :-) At this time, I'm sorry, I can't ship outside of the United States and Canada, it's just too expensive for me.

So, on with the show---