Soul Flash			QCT+P
ES Soul Flash			QCT+PP
Air Soul Flash			QCT+P in air
ES Air Soul Flash		QCT+PP in air
Shining Blade			DP+K
ES Shining Blade		DP+KK
Merry Turn			QCA+K
ES Merry Turn			QCA+KK
Toe Pierce			u+K
ES Toe Pierce			u+KK
EX Splendor Love		DP+KK
EX Luminous Illusion		1,1,r,4,3
EX Gloomy Puppet Show		HCT+PP

Mystic Arrow			HCT+P
ES Mystic Arrow			HCT+PP
Childish Drop			U+2_3 in air


1,4,2,3					Basic Chain
1,4,5,6					Basic CR Chain
1,4,2,5,3				Another CR Chain
J,1,AC,6,1,4,5,6			Jumping jab punch, air chain into a roundhouse
					kick,followed by crouching 1,4,5,6 chain 

J,3,AC,6,5,ES Merry Turn,ES Toe Pierce
					Jumping fierce punch, air chain into a roundhouse kick,
					followed by crouching 5, 2 in 1 into an ES Merry Turn,
					immediately follow with an ES Toe Pierce


Here are some basic strategies to help you play with Lillith.

1		Lillith's crouching 6 can go under projectiles.  Remember this against
		opponents that throw them often.
2		If the Shining Blade move connects, it can usually be followed up with 
		a Toe Pierce if you are quick.
3		Lillith's standing 2 and 5 both are quick with good range.  Remember to 
		throw these out against opponents that like to charge in a lot.
4		Remember to combo off of the ES Magic Arrow attack!

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