My New Website

Earlier this year I removed my old website. At the time, I thought I would never again build a genealogy webpage. I was so angered that my family information was used without my permission that I lost sight of my main reason for building a site. That reason was to facilitate connecting with people who inquired about my family names.

I have decided to at least allow those interested, access to the surnames within my family. There will be a small amount of DNA information. Most of that will be educational in nature. There will be no photos, personal documents, birth, marriage, death. or location information. This should not hinder those who are true researchers. It might pose a problem for those who do not want to put in the time and effort required when doing true genealogical research.

However, for those who know where and how to look, there will be some clues as to how and where they can locate my family.

I hope you enjoy this new twist to my website. Oh...I will be adding links to general historical information and research aids.

Also, please overlook the simplicity of the pages attached to this site. After spending years building the pages cconnected to the old site, I am not yet motivated to add all the bells and whistles to these new pages.



Boon, Boone Parker Family Surname Index
A listing of my husband's Boon and related family surnames. Other research related information will also be shown here.
Copeland Family Surnames
Another list of my husband's family surnames with some research links and information.
Harrison Family Surnames
Stith and Related Family Slave Indexes

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