The Ookikunai Linna Shrine

Linna Yamazaki is the close combat expert of the Knight Sabers. Her technical abilities in combat go nearly unmatched and her agility is something to be in awe of. Linna is more often than not seen as vain and shallow, but the simple fact is that she is just as any other person. Resenting her or disliking her for this is purely idiotic.

Linna's job outside of the Knight Sabers during Bubblegum Crisis is as an aerobics instructor and in Bubblegum Crash she is a stock broker (not explanation was ever given for this odd job change). Linna is the third most computer literate, coming after Sylia and Nene. She is far more intelligent than she is often given credit for being, and her social commentary that she occassionally makes is second only to Sylia's cryptic references to mankind.

Despite being the only full-blooded Japanese member of the Knight Sabers, Linna has blue eyes. Her hair is black and, in order to keep it out of her eyes, she constantly wears a headband that has become one of her trademarks. Linna is athetlic, enjoying things like swimming , dancing, martial arts, aerobics, and other exercises. Being very social by nature, Linna often is able to brag (or complain) about past boyfriends.

Linna was born in the year 2012. Her parents died during a Boomer incident, but unlike Sylia and Priss she did not become engraged or bitter. In fact, Linna went on happily with her life after that, continuing in her greatest passion: Dance. At that she excelled. The very reason that Sylia brought her into the Knight Sabers was her astounding abilities as a dancer. Without Linna, the Knight Sabers would be less effective in their combat, undoubtedly.

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