The Ookikunai Sylia Shrine

Sylia Stingray is the leader of the Knight Sabers. She is the only one known to have taken human life and is very cold in nature. Sylia's combat abilities go utterly unmatched but how often she is given credit for this is questionable, at best. She has a somewhat cavalier style, nearly throwing her life away several times when she could merely have used another Knight Sabers for her purposes.

After years of training in martial arts and other fighting styles, Sylia has mastered her various skills and can perform many a deadly act against her opponent. Her super-genius status helps in her cause. Sylia is by far the most intelligent Knight Saber, with a knowledge of computers that shames Nene Romanova's. She also has an understanding of Boomers and their workings that leads some to believe that Sylia herself may not be so human after all.

Having created the Hardsuits and worked with cybernetic mechanisms nearly ceaselessly since she was a 'child,' Sylia has a very good idea of what makes up the Boomers. They also see more into Sylia than her fellow Knight Sabers ever could, particularly Largo. Largo told Sylia at one point that they were of the same breed, contacting her through use of radio waves. Sylia's reaction was, for the first time in the series, utter terror. She was shocked into paralysis as Largo was ready and poised to kill her.

Sylia may as well be called anti-social, having no friends outside of the Knight Sabers, her brother, Mackie, and Doctor Raven excluded. She nearly wrenched Fargo's arm out of its socket when he tried to make a pass at her. Sylia's only relationship that is shown to go deeper than simply 'being there' is the relationship she has with Largo/Mason.

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