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Sade trial delayed

Grammy award-winner Sade won a four-month stay on her reckless driving trial after the Jamaican policeman failed to show up in court.

The Nigerian-born singer is charged with leading police on a high-speed chase in MoBay, and then letting loose a hail of expletives when police finally caught up.

She has pleaded innocent to the charges, which carry a maximum fine of less than US$200 but could also lead to a brief jail sentence.

Sade, whose full name is Helena Fola Sade, appeared in the Montego Bay Petty Session Court on Wednesday. The cop, however, did not. Police officials said they forgot he had been granted vacation time, and the case was pushed back to Feb.3.

The U.S. based star is best known for her sultry cooing in "Smooth Operator" and "Sweetest Tabboo."

She pulled up on the wrong side of the law in February, when prosecutors allege she ignored a signal from a traffic policeman to stop her car at an intersection in Montego Bay. Another policeman chased Sade along the seaside highways of the city, finally catching up with the singer, who allegedly yelled expletives at him.

She angered local officials further by skipping out on her June court date to fly to Britain. A local judge issued an arrest warrant in July. But it was lifted after her attorney offered proof that she was tied up with her sick child, who was bitten by dogs outside her English country home.

At the time of her arrest, Sade had been living in Montego Bay with her companion and their daughter. It wasn't known if she would remain in Jamaica until the trial.

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