My History on PC-SPES

Updated Feb.8/01
April 17, 2000
PSA on April 5/00 was 8.1 (same as 2 months ago)
Usually get up once during the night to urinate. Kind of hard starting and weak stream. (kind of have a semi-erection due to not getting out of bed soon enough to urinate)
During the day I urinate every hour or 2 depending on how much water and juice I drink.
The stream during the day isn't too bad but I don't have much pushing power etc.

Started PC-SPES on April 17/00 (2 caps before bed.)(4 a day)
Lot# 5430008
Slept 6 hours without getting up first night.
Taking 2 capsules around 10:am and 2 around 10:00pm. (4 a day)

On May 10/00, I started soaking in fairly warm bath water with 2 cups of utility grade 35% Hydrogen Peroxide. I am going to do this every other day for a couple of months and see what happens with my PSA.
On at least 2 occasions I have slept 7 to 8 hours without getting up to urinate. The semi-erections at night have seemed to disappear.

June 29/00 Got latest PSA results yesterday- went down from 8.1 to 2.7 in the 2 months of taking PC-SPES capsules. Thats the lowest it's been in 8 years. Nobody can convince me that the Chinese don't know what they're doing.
For the next 3 weeks I didn't do anything except soak in the Peroxide every other day.
Sept. 1/00
PSA went back up to 7.1 so on Sept. 13/00, I started back on PC-SPES at 3 Caps a day before going to bed. Lot# of this batch (6 Bottles) is 5430193. I wish that they were available in Canada. Will comment further towards the end of November.
Had another PSA test on Nov.17/00. PSA down to 5.3 at the 3 caps a day.Seems to go down 1 point per month.
The only side effects so far are very slight nipple soreness and the odd little leg cramp. Will comment further in a couple of months after I finish this batch.
Started next batch last night.(3 per day) Lot# is 5430265.
Will get another PSA test next week. Also will start today with 1 baby aspirin to protect against blood clotting. Will also have blood test to check for clotting factors.
Got results of last week's PSA test- down to 4.3 (1 point in 2 months)
Still no side effects worth mentioning.

I found out this week that they are starting a trial on a product called PC Proscare that is being manufactured by Natural Factors Nutritional Products Ltd. It is the same formula as PC-SPES except it has 3 more herbs added that are supposed to improve the product.
The trial is only for men who have become hormone refractory (immune to hormone therapy).
Anyone interested should contact Gordon Dunn at 1-604-739-5900 in Vancouver, BC.

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