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Welcome to my cooking page.  To be honest, since getting married my wife has SPOILED me by doing much of the cooking.  What can I say, I am a very lucky guy!

Anyway, as time goes by, I will add favorite recipes and other links to sites that have good resources on them.  There are a few here now for starters.

One duty that remains exclusively mine is the BBQ (or Braai as you in South Africa might call it!).  I'll be expanding my recipe and tip section there as time goes on too.

Just follow the links to the kind of food you want.

Click here for your outdoor cooking needs.

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BBQ & Grilling!


Wings O'Fire!


Main Courses (Pasta)

Main Courses (Chicken)

Peanut Butter - Ginger BBQ Chicken

Main Courses (Beef/Meats)

Main Courses (Vegetarian)

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Desserts & Baking (YUM!)

     Wine Cake

All Sorts of BBQ & Grilling Info & Tips...

     Getting that smoky flavor!


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