Bob's Land O'Laughs  
They (who is 'they"?) say that "Laughter Is the Best Medicine", and that laughing can actually be healthy for you.  This page is dedicated to your health!

I always make the effort to keep things clean here...and there's a little bit of stuff here for almost everyone.  Of course, if you hate puns...move right along...there's nothing for you here.

What one person might think of as funny...another might not.  Case in point...Monty Python and the Holy Grail.  I've seen it over 30 times.  My wife can't stand it.  But since this is my page, you'll find what I think is funny here!  I do hope you enjoy what I put up here.

I'll be trying to add worthy stuff up on this page as it comes in...or as I have time.  Please participate and send me jokes to include on the page!