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~LongArm~ here....Thanks for stopping by my page. Its been about 3 years since I first created the opening page here. In that time, many changes have happened online and in my real world. I've been a bit lax in updating....but with the new year I hope to get everything back current again. I am in the process of adding new please bear with me while I work on it!!! I hope this site has been both fun and interesting for the visitors that have passed this way. Now about my poetry....{bet some of y'all didn't know I could do that!!!....and some say I still can't!} is from the heart, and I hope you enjoy it.

This place is about hopes, my own thoughts written down for the world to see. Will it ever be done? think there will always be room for growth and changes here.. I hope its a place that y'all will want to come back to every so often, a place you can prop your feet up on the coffee table and just enjoy the surroundings. A place to feel comfortable at. I never expected to win an award, but did...and I am very proud of them. I am happy with it so far, and will be striving to make it a better place daily. So I invite you to come back later when I get some changes or two up and see what you think.

I am blessed to have made many, many good friends from the Park. In its heyday, it was the best chathouse on the web! Though gone now, many happy memories still dance through my mind. Thanks for all those memories Brent, I hope whatever you do in life will bring others as much joy as THE PARK did. Now I hang out over in one of the newest chathouses on the 'net.... Adult Play. It is very much like the Park, and many old regs migrated there. Also, I drop in at HORIZONS. Though not as busy, it has many good folks going to it.

I'm gonna try to name each and every one, please forgive me if I leave someone out....for I know I probably will.....But, please know this, I love and care about each of you, for you all have made me a better person, and for that I THANK YOU. First of best friend, when I grow up **GRIN** I'm gonna be just like him!!!

And, of course, some of the sweetest ladies on the planet.....LadyHawke *wink*, Willie, Mystress, Maritime Angel, mardi, Aurora, SilverRain, Show Me, Sweetaussie, Starsie, MidnightAngel, shannara, Trinket, kisha, Deb the NY Nurse, Sassy, Debora, Swirl Girl, Sweet Honesty, Paradise, Black Lace, Blonde Goddess....hope I didn't leave anyone out, but I KNOW I probably did!!!

And then there are a quartet of the H*O*T*T*E*S*T chat room icon makers on the face of the planet! Aurora, SilverRain, Mystress and StefJo. If you need an icon for chat use and can't find one at the beautiful ladies' must NOT need one then! *LOL* ...(go to my links page for directions!!!),

I do need to mention some of my "family" too though....Jasmin, WildSpirit, Luscious, Sex Goddess, .....thanks for "adopting" me **WINK**
And last....but certainly not beautiful bride of 20 years....TinyTink....I LOVE YOU baby!!!

And then there are the ones that are no longer around....for whatever reason....NADIA, Sabato, Ganja, Chantilly Lace, Muffy, Sweet Fantasy, SunnyRae, Nippy, Lady Jane, Geek Girl....its a sad thing to lose touch with friends...if anyone knows where they are...PLEASE get them to write me. THANKS!!! no attention to Beauregard as he trains his replacement Beebo ......Beauregard is gonna leave the tracking to Beebo, while he stays around the Station House here and guards the 'fridge!!!

OK.....I'm gonna fade into the sunset as you continue on your journey through my HomePage....y'all have fun, and I'll catch ya in the Park or on ICQ.....

©2001 LóngÄrm Homepage Productions

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