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This ED Student Homepage of MBS was officially launched on November 13, 1998 in conjunction with the Alumni Homecoming Dinner. It was launched by Rev.Eddy Ho,The Dean of English Department, in the presence of many guests after the dinner at the library. We are very thankful to the Lord for this historic moment as MBS ventures into the 21st.Century.

This student homepage is under construction. All main contents have shifted to our head-office.

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Historical facts on Masada for your NT Survey
Muslim-Christian Dialogue/Malay Language
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Some guides to sermons, stories,illustrations
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Theses Record in English& Bahasa Malaysia written by MBS Students

Malaysian Church History & Society:Reformasi vs. Mahatirism


on July 5, AD1999
Edited & Maintained by C.B.Goh,Master of Christian Studies(cand): THREE PROOFS JESUS WAS MULTICULTURAL

As a seminary, we are to encourage and build Christians as they enter a time of study and preparation even while they serve Christ in the way of discipleship. In this, MBS has always emphasised the formation of disciples in the areas of INTELLECTUAL development(to think after God's thoughts), SPIRITUAL formation(to develop spiritual growth and vitality) and the development of PASTORAL SKILLS(to help people minister to the needs of others in context).