This site is a result of the search of the real reason to the M/V Estonia disaster 28/9-1994 in the Baltic sea just south of Utö Island.

There are some sites trying to show what really happened out there this tragic night. Most of the sites however, are just a mirror of the conclusion from the Joint Accident Investigation Commission (JAIC), and they are not telling the truth.

A lot of very important facts are left aside so that the story given by JAIC will fit the very first version of the accident, made up already before they found the wreck or the visor.

On this site a lot of facts earlier left behind are brought in to the daylight, giving the disaster a new tragic perspective, where it becomes clear that the investigation of the disaster is a massive cover up of the real cause to the disaster.

Note: The content on this site is not representing final conclusions. New evidence and information are continuously revealed, therefore this site will not be updated any more. Further development will be described on The Independent Fact Group site.

A critique of the JAIC final report

Possible reasons to the sinking. Only one alternative to the sinking is examined through the work of the JAIC

Estonia did not follow her usual rote, she was 15 km more south at the accident

The weather situation at the accident site have been exaggerated

Visor was lost after the list occurred

Bow ramp was never open during the sinking

The visor and ramp was not damaged from hitting the forpeek deck

Estonia could not sink only from water on car deck . There was water on deck 0 and 1 in an early stage

The real position of the wreck is unknown, 3 different locations are official

The real position of the finding place of the visor is unknown, 3 locations are official

Rescued and disappeared crew, Captain Avo Piht, Chief Engineer Lembit Leiger, Ship Doctor Viktor Bogdanov, IV Navigation Officer Kaimar Kikas, IV Engineer Agur Targama, Chief Tax Free Store Tiina Müür, Variety Dancers Hannely Veide, and her sister Hanka-Hannika Veide

Russia offers help to save people trapped inside the wreck - "Last letter" from women who died in the ship.

Identification of crew on bridge was not possible - and not demanded!

Police in control of diving investigations of the wreck, interesting suitcase - connection to Avo Piht

Estonian Strategic Goods

Russian ships in the area did not respond to distress calls or go to the place of the disaster

Russia denies ships in the area

Sabotage - RITS-exercise onboard pass.ferry ESTONIA 02/02/94 (Rescue At Sea -Räddnings Insats Till Sjöss)

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