These pictures are from the video band "B 40 b", ROV investigation 94.12.03.

The bottom lock is broken and bent upwards, indicated in red below. The hydraulic actuator is still connected to the hydraulic pipes and the actuator is connected to the foredeck. The pictures below are mainly seen from the view that the red arrow on the first drawing indicates.

The picture show the bottom lock bolt that was recovered from the sea, but then thrown overboard because it was to heavy to bring in a helicopter!! It was said that the bolt itself was undamaged and straight. By this picture I would say it is both damaged and slightly bent. There was no picture taken of the bolt after it was recovered, instead investigation of the bolt has been carried out on the bolt from the sister ship.


On this picture we can see the bolt from an slightly more forward view, and also a part of the lugs that originally held the bolt in place. Also a part of the hydraulic piston is seen in the top of the picture.

Here we can see the hydraulic piston extended and a part of the bolt in the bottom of the picture. We can see that the piston was bent in it's connection to the bolt. In the background to the left the white balk "standing" is the bottom balk of the ramp. We get a picture of how high up the bottom lock piston and bolt were bent.

Here we can see the piston bent in the actuator and that the hydraulic pipes are connected and intact.

Here we can see the other end of the actuator where it is connected to the foredeck. We can see that this end of the connection is intact and that the actuator is pointing steeply up from the foredeck to which it used to be parallel.

Here we can see the angle that the bolt and actuator have in front of the bottom part of the ramp. It is quite clear that if the ramp had been fully opened after the visor fell off, the ramp would have demolished at least some parts of the actuator, pipes and piston.