These pictures are from the video band "B 40 b", ROV investigation 94.12.03.

This is a packet of unknown kind, that the ROV camera interest on. The packet is on the port side 1/3 from the bow. It's position is at deck 5.

The pictures have been shown to 5 divers and explosive experts in Sweden and Germany. They all, irrespective of each other came to the same conclusion. The packet is most probably an explosive. How and when the packet came there is unknown.

The closeup show that the packet was made of some sort of waxlike paper with tape around. In one end it has been broken.

Under the packet there is a visible part of a round object connecting to the hull. It can bee a magnetic plate that was used to get the packet to stick to the hull There are also cords tied around the packet.

In the other end of the packet the paper was folded over the end of the packet. It also looks as if there is some irregular object inside under the left tape crossing.

Otherwise the packet look quite flat and slightly bent.

A summary from the experts are that the packet is not diving tools or anything that has to do with survival packets from life rafts or life boats. Survival packets from life rafts at Estonia were packed i black, large sacks containing nothing like this packet. The survival packet from a life boat is a large paper box containing survival products. The box is inside a canvas sack. All survival equipments have to float for 30 minutes. The packet is typical for an explosive, wrapped in waxlike paper in a simple way with magnetic platings connected. The detonator is connected to one end as usual on this type of explosive. It can be presumed that the packet is made in a hurry, and that the packet can have been lowered from the gunwale of the ship. It can also be presumed that the detonator did not make the packet to explode, only made it to rip open.

By the way that the ROV camera team interests in the packet, my conclusion is that this is not a packet they have had knowledge of before.