These pictures are from the video band "B 40 b", ROV investigation 94.12.03.

This massive damage of the upper lug for the hook locking device is not reported in the final report. The damage is on the starboard side of the ramp on the balk where the red cross on the first drawing indicates. The pictures below are seen from the view that the arrow indicates.

The picture show the starboard front bulkhead where it was ripped open by the hydraulic actuator. The actuator ripped it's way through the upper deck all the way to the front bulkhead. The upper part of the picture show the ramp.

The closeup show the upper starboard lug for the hook locking device. The picture is just to the right of the previous picture and just a little higher. The lug has been hit from behind (inner side of the ramp) by the actuator forcing its way through the bulkhead. This is the place on the ramp where the red cross indicates above.

The same place as the previous picture, now seen from a straight forward position. It can be seen that the lug has been bent about 90 degrees forward. If this damage had been caused from the visor ripping the ramp open, the lug that was connected to a hook in the ship, had been torn the opposite way.

The same place as the previous picture, but the view is slightly more to the left. We can see that the damage to the lug is massive. In the bottom right corner of the picture we can se a part of the broken frontal bulkhead. As the damage only could have been done by the actuator it follows that the ramp must have been closed when the actuator hit it. And the actuator was fastened to the visor arm near the upper hinge. Therefore the only possible conclusion is that the visor with it's housing for the ramp, already had fallen forward leaving the ramp closed.

A bit lower than the previous picture. In the top of the picture we can se the lug for the hook. The picture show the opening made by the actuator in the frontal bulkhead.