These pictures are from the video band "B 40 b", ROV investigation 94.12.03.

There is a massive damage to the ramp that has not been investigated or reported in the final report. The damage is on the bottom starboard side of the ramp on the balk where the red cross indicates. The pictures below are seen from the view that the arrow indicates.

The picture show the starboard bottom corner with the damage, here bent upwards. The bent part is the starboard side balk of the ramp. The damage is next to the hinges.

The closeup show the bottom starboard corner of the ramp, where the side balk was bent and broken apart from the connecting bottom balk holding the hinges.

The damage can have been done from the visor or from an explosion. The visor starboard bottom corner may have hit the balk when the visor broke and fell from the ship. If so, it must have happened with the ramp still in closed position while the ramp fell twisting to starboard. An explosion can have been the cause of the damage.