The Dread Report--Special Edition!

Who 'Made It' Before Monica?

Bimbos: An Historical Perspective

No, Donna Rice didn't actually win the Nobel Peace (Piece?) Prize (duh!).

But a shipboard photo of Donna smiling while sitting on the lap of Presidential candidate Gary Hart ultimately assigned him to political oblivion. (I mean, what else could you expect when the boat's name was 'Monkey Business!')

Fawn Hall was never actually caught making out (darn!).

But looking at her picture, it's still fun to imagine what could have happened during those frenzied nights of document shredding with her boss, Contra-Boy Olie North.

And oh, there have been so many more:

Liz 'I Don't Do Typing' Ray 'The Argentine Firecracker' Megan 'Show Me the Money, Honey' Marshak

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