If you are in Paris (France)and you want to hear Django's music you can try to go in the places according to the day of the week :

On Saturday/Sunday (from 11AM to 5PM), you can have a walk to PLACE DES VOSGES near Bastille. There in front of MAX SPIRA's ANTIQUITY Boutique there is always music. You can meet the "MINOR SWING QUARTET" with SAMMY DAUSSAT (guit. solo), RAMON GALAN (guit.), JEAN CORTES (Bass) and FRANCOIS RICARD (drums). An very good combo surfing in and out the Django's tradition. You can also meet the excellent corsican guitarist JEAN-PHILIPPE OLIVIERI playing Django's hits in duo with HELIOS FERNANDEZ or with FELIX BRIAND a marvelous accordeon player with a soft and swinging sound. Other days you may encounter the famous SERGE CAMPS playing some Django's tunes or csardas.

On Saturday and sunday (from 4PM to 7PM) you can go to LA CHOPE DES PUCES situated at PORTE DE CLIGNANCOURT in RUE DES ROSIERS. Here you can hear NININE AND MONDINE GARCIA playing the Django's repertory of standards and valses. Always a heartfull music. Someday you will meet SERGE KRIEF and his crazy and hot improvisations along with RICHARD CHICHE or maybe CHATOU GARCIA (both great accompagneurs in the alsacian tradition of LA POMPE). This place is going on from 1960 and it's a must.

Mon ami Spatzo...

On Thursday nights (from 10PM to 2AM) you can go to LE BISTROT D'EUSTACHE in RUE BERGER near LES HALLES. There you can hear many times PATRICK SAUSSOIS the composer of "Jojo swing" playing in trio's in his lefty-lovely-crazy-swinging way. Be attentive during summer from august to september there is no live music.

On Thursday nights and Sundays afternoon you can jump to L'HOTEL DU NORD in QUAI DE JEMMAPES to hear the marvelous music of ANGELO DEBARRE and RODOLPHE RAFFALLI. There is virtuosity and feeling in this tremendous two. There you will meet also sometimes BABIK REINHARDT playing along with ROMANE and FLORIN NICULESCU, or DOUDOU CUILLERIER and MAX ROBIN from the FERNANDO JAZZ GANG, or HERVE LEGEAY and FRED LOISEAU the two burning musiciens of ROMANE traditionnal quintet, what a feeling men !

On Friday nights you can try to go to LE ROUSTAN in PLACE GUSTAVE TOUDOUZE near PIGALLE to hear the great SERGE KRIEF playing with ALI AIT ITLEF. You will be astonished by the way KRIEF opens new frontiers in the Django's tradition. This is a wonderful guitarist and an artist in his own right along with a very good fellow. Do not miss him !!! (UNFORTUNATLY IT'S NOT YET WORKING, THEY DROPPED MUSIC ON SEPTEMBER '98...)

On Thursday night you can try to go to LE CHEVAL NOIR in BOULEVARD MAGENTA near BARBES. It's on the left when you go up. There you will have the opportunity to meet the music of MORENO sometimes playing with TCHOCOLO WINTERSTEIN and other times with SAMMY DAUSSAT and JEAN CORTES. He plays in the TCHAN-TCHOU tradition. Excellent !!!.

On the whole week you can go to the CLAIRON DES CHASSEURS in PLACE DU TERTRE to hear from monday to wednesday GUY REBOUL playing alone some Joe-passian-like solos or improvising with the excellent ROBERT LAFONT. From Thursday to Sunday you will have the opportunity to hear TCHOUTA (the son of the great violinist SPATZO ADEL) playing, improvising and singing with JEANNOT. They are not always involved in Django's tunes but try to ask "Limehouse blues" or "Minch valse" to TCHOUTA and you will soon understand that you're at home. Listen also to JEANNOT he sometimes plays the themes and really knows how to make them sing and cry. He just plays the note !!! After this just enjoy and relax and admire in how many ways guitar can be played. In this place for 37 years we have hear MAURICE FERRET and JOSEPH "BABAGNE" POUVILLE playing a wonderful music. In the air there is still the vibration of Maurice's stimer painting melodies and the echo of Joseph's rolling wonderfull background chords. NEW from the 1st of August RODOLPHE RAFFALLI is playing all nights from thursday to Sunday (9PM/2AM) with JEANNOT. This guitarist is absolutely extraordinary and he really knows how an improvisation is important. He will make you dream ! No tricks, no wasted time just straight to the heart of music. Go there to take a drink and hear his wonderful music.

On the whole week from 9PM you can try to go to the place called "LES YEUX NOIRS" it's on the left when you go down from the famous Montagne Sainte Geneviève, I guess it's still Rue Mouffetard. There in a best tZigane tradition you will find ANGELO DEBARRE, but you can have the opportunity to hear the Roumain accordeonist IONICA (pure swinging velvet) and the maestro of balalaika PETR IVANOVIC. Of course do not go on thursday because Angelo plays at the HOTEL DU NORD.

On Friday nights (SOMETIMES...) you can try to go to "L'ENTREPOT" at the metro PERNETY, it's in a small street starting from the street "Rue de l'Ouest". There you can hear Django's music played. I have seen there a great concert of SERGE KRIEF with RODOLPHE RAFFALLI and the italien double-bass player ANTONIO LICUSATI (there was also SARANE FERRET comping down-stage for his own and our pleasure with them). I still have memory of their version of "I can't give you anything but love". YES, DJANGO'S MUSIC IS JAZZ !!! A pleasant club with a lot of place, a big stage and drinks from 5$.

On Saturday nights you can try to go to the bar COLIBRI in Rue VERON PARIS 18ième (Phone : just under the Place du Tertre of Montmartre. There you might see COCO REINHARDT (guitar solo) playing with LA POUILLE (guitar) and a drumer. COCO is a great guitarist very expressive and sometimes really atomic. He has a big heart and sometimes when playing some slow tune such as "Si tu savais", a tune that "really tears, my brother" ("ça pleure, mon frère !") he really jumps in another dimension where you can meet past people, old stories, small country roads and rivers, niglos, smiles, tears and dreams. I remember the young Coco with his brother Samson playing "Echoes of France" at La Chope years ago. Great moments !!! The Colibri is a small bar a cheap place very very french, looks like a typical french bar of the fifties.

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