Angela's hobbies

Well, I don't really even remember what my hobbies were! Just kidding.... I have pretty much the same hobbies now as I did before Alicia was born, I just have less time for them now. That is fine, though, because now my favorite hobby is playing with Alicia.

I enjoy reading suspense mystery books. My favorite author is Mary Higgins Clark, but I have read almost all of her books. I have also recently started reading Ann Rule's books. She is a true crime writer, and my mom suggested her to me. I enjoy her style also, she concentrates more on people's feelings and personalities, rather than the gore of the crimes.

I enjoy cross-stitching and sewing. I made Alicia's halloween costume last year, she made an adorable Winnie the Pooh! I also made her halloween costume this year, she was Blue from Blue's Clues.

I have made many other outfits, including my sister-in-law's bridesmaids dress for my wedding, my senior prom dress and quite a few of my own maternity outfits. I really enjoy making something nice out of just a piece of fabric, that is what they call "immediate gratification"!

I also enjoy making crafts.

These are one of my favorite things to make, potpourri pies. I love to give them to people for Christmas gifts or housewarming gifts. I have one in my house, too, and when you are baking the heat through the back vents heat up the potpourri and makes the whole kitchen smell wonderful.

Marc and I make many other kinds of crafts; candles, swags, and various wood products.

Well, a new hobby that I didn't have before Alicia was born is the internet. I have met a lot of nice people on the web, and I am able to talk to my sister and my mother frequently.

is one of my favorite places on the internet, they have discussion groups for any parenting category imaginable, and they have chat rooms, which have both scheduled and general chats.

Well, thanks for taking your time to visit our homepage, and thanks for coming to get to know me.

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