Arik recieved the title 
"Most *Israeli* Artist"!!!
According to the poll held by Mooma (the famous Israeli music site), Arik is
#1 in Israeli musical culture. 
Why? There are some of the answers:
- He was the first in Israel to allow himself to use
foreign music achievements.
- Arik is centre of all modern Israelian art. He is
our John Lennon.
- It seems like he was always here, with us.
- Arik has been leading Israeli musical culture since
French chanson times, through the rock
revolution that came from England. He has done a lot in
all aspects of the music industry - from immortalizing old songs
to working with the youngest of pop-musicians. And not to forget 
songs made from the words of Israel's greatest poets.
- His voice, his image. Everything about him is Israeli culture
at its best. Doesn't matter, whatever words he sings,
you will always find something close to your soul -
- On the one hand, Arik is a quintesention of beautiful
Aretz-Israel in songs of Good Old Israel. On the other,
he is a personification of the free world, of Tel-Aviv
boheme in the 70s, which many people are fond of.
- Sabra, tel-avivi, he has built his art without
prejudice and contributed to a revolution in Israeli music in
the 70s. He has found a new way for Israeli songs, other then
that of military bands. He is a poet of everyday Israel, its life,
small nest, where Tel Aviv and football, love and anger, coexist.
He does it till today with his marvelous talent
and style.
- He is not only a singer but also a person, personality - he is 
the all-Israeli ideal.
He is an artist who since the 60s has been making his way into
music lovers hearts and won them over with his unbelievable
richness of nuances and tones. Arik's own style, his voice's timbre,
is ever-familiar from the first note. You cannot mistake
him for anyone else - these are his core characteristics as the most 
Israeli artist.
- Every time I listen to the "Shablool" album  and
especially to "Avshalom" - I have tears in my eyes.
- We grew up with his songs. When away from our native
land, we were singing "San Francisco On The Water". 
- Arik Einstein is always himself. He never
betrays his way, his views, he is still making the
most Israeli music - the best of what we know and love.


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