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Arik Einstein
January 3rd 1939
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note From Boaz Anin:
Arik got accepted to Lehakat Hanachal in 1957, and had
his first solo song there in march, 1959 (Ruah Stav).
Later he sang in Batsal Yarok and The Simbation
Then he acted in the theatre. He released his first
solo mini-record (1960). Then was in the Shlishiat
Gesher Hayarkon band 1963-1965). During these years
he recorded "Arik and the Cherchilim" - an album in
which he renewed some Beatles and American songs.
In 1967 he sang in The High Windows band - the first
Israeli Pop band. In 1969 he started working with
Shalom Hanoch.
He released the first Israeli Rock Album ("Puzy")
later in 1969. In 1970-71 he made the classic Israeli
rock album "Shablool".
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note From Tali Landau:

I'm 16 years old and I'm a big fan of Arik.
So here are some facts:
He mentioned all his children in his songs and works:
1. Yasmin - The record.
2. Shiri - Two of his records are decorated with her
drawings - " Sa Leat " and "Ha'ahava Panim Rabot La"
- and she has also participated in one song on
" Sa Leat " - "Habalada Al Zoomati Velabati".
3. Amir - With the song "Boker Tov Amir". Amir was
also in the movie "Kvalim".
4. Dina - He mentioned her in the song " Ima Shaeli"
("..Yesh li ima, ima shel Dina..")

Other fact - I think quite known - Arik won the first
place in hight jumping - he was the Israeli champion.

He has 45 records. 41 CD's. I know. I have them ALL.

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