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Maria 24/Aug/2002:11:41:48
Dear fellow fans,

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Gali No 28/Jul/2002:00:03:12
Does Arik perform now?
Amu Free Lolita Gallery 20/Jul/2002:01:27:06
Hi - Luv ur page
Stian   10/Jun/2002:17:09:53
I am looking for the name of a song I have heard on tv commercial. It
is the commercial for the COLLECTION - THE BOX SET 2002 featured on
music channel VH1.
If you have seen the commercial, it is the last song cut that is
played. Litterally he says something like "daisha daisha ARBA"

Jana   14/Apr/2002:05:08:20

I'm searching for the double CD "Shalom haver" (Concert - for Yitzhak
Rabin). Is there someone, who can help me. It is really important for
me. Does somebody know, where i can buy this CD (online???)

Thank you for your help.

Greetings from Bavaria (Germany)

Jana Wunderlich
Annalise 13/Apr/2002:12:13:26
Lovely web site. Enjoyable.
Od Nipagesh   04/Apr/2002:03:20:50
In Hebrew, here -
Zack for Yamit   27/Mar/2002:22:18:23

Ba lo ha lajla, ve sheket ahshav.
Ba gaagua - lir'ot, lehabek otah.
Ma she over bi -
zhe joter mi milim.
Esh kan hakol', aval' ejn otah...
At shuv overet jamim lo kalim.
Ejh at shomeret, u ma im ha hijuhim?
Ma at hoshevet - zhe kashe be milim...
Esh kan hakol', aval' ejn otah...

Od nipagesh, ve ihje lanu tov.
Ze ihije, ve karov, karov...
Shejnu, bejahad - ihje lanu tov;
Al' tidagi - ze karov, karov...

Ma lesaper lah - ve ze rak mihtav.
Ma letaer lah, ve ejh leanjen otah?
Ma lesaper lah - lo moce li milim...
Esh kan hakol', aval ejn otah...

Od nipagesh, ve ihje lanu tov.
Ze ihije, ve karov, karov...
Shejnu, bejahad - ihje lanu tov;
Al' tidagi - ze karov, karov..
yamit   27/Mar/2002:07:50:29
i am looking for the words od nipagsh
Gilana   27/Mar/2002:05:25:34
Hey There--

does anyone have the words of Shalom Chaver???

Cheque Nacach   22/Mar/2002:18:53:41
Hello, first of all Chag Smeaj...

Well, I´m writhing from the Sionist Federation of
Mexico, and I´m trying to reach Mr. Einsten or any
office that can give me some information, because we
are interest to invite him to Mexico for a performance
So, if you can send me some info I will apreciated...
Cheque Nacach
Jewish Sionist Federation
Pazhu   15/Mar/2002:06:53:33

i am looking for the words of the song Maya. hebrew of english or

Rina   20/Feb/2002:18:32:20
Arik's movie Kvalim
Does any one know where can I buy the video of Kvalim?
Can anyone lend me the movie for a few days?

For Shoshana - in En   16/Feb/2002:17:02:21
On a wet morning in 5638 (1878)
In the grape season
five riders went
from Jaffa on Horses

Stamper came and Gutamn came
and Zaraki Beelev
And Yoel Moshe Salomon,
with a sword in his Sash

And with them,
the magic Doctor Mazraki
Along the Yarkon,
the wind rustled the bamboo

Beside Petach Tikva, they stopped
in the heart of the swamp (and thicket)
And up a small hill they climbed
to see the surroundings

He remained on the hill
from midnight till the light
Suddenly, Salomon grew
the wings of a bird

To where he flew, to where he flew
Until today, noone knows
Maybe it was only a dream
Maybe just a legend

But when the morning arose,
behind the mountains
the cursed valley
was full of birds chirping (cheep, cheep)

And some say, until today
along the Yarkon
The birds sing
of Yoel Moshe Salomon
For Shoshana!   16/Feb/2002:16:59:10
Yoel Moshe Salomon (This song honors this great Pioneer)

[Hebrew Transliteration and English Translation by Michael Sherman, ]

B'boker lach b'shanat tarlach
et katsir ha anavim
Yastu m'Yaffo al susim
Chamestet Ha Rochvim

Stamper ba, v'Gutman ba
v' Zerach Baalev
v' Yoel Moshe Salomon
Im cherev b'avnet

Itam rachav Mazraki
Ha Doktor ha kasum
L'orech ha Yarkon ha ruach
Shar bikne ha suf

L'yad Umlabes hem chanu
b'lev bitsot v'svach
v'al giva ktana tipsu
Lirot et ha sviva

v'Hu nishar al ha giva
v'bein chatsot l'or
Pitom tsamchu l'Salomon
Knafaim shel tsipor

L'an hu af,l'an parach
Ain ish asher yeda
Ulai haya ze rak chalom
Ulai rak agada

Ach c'she ha boker shuv ala
M'ever l'harim
Ha emek ha arur
Nimla tsiuts shel tsiporim (tsif, tsif)

v'Yesh omrim ki ad ha yom
L'orech ha Yarkon
Ha tsiporim sharot
al Yoel Moshe Salomon


On a wet morning in 5638 (187
shoshana   16/Feb/2002:12:31:59
I am loking for the word of the song haballada al Yoel Moshe Salimon.
Please, somebody can tel me were ?
thank you
Dick   13/Feb/2002:07:06:01


We are, working with MAZON, putting together materials for Jewish
congregations. We'll print 2,600 copies and they will be even more
widely circulated through newsletters, classes, etc. This is a
nonprofit venture. I've been desparately trying to contact ACUM
which apparently holds copyright to Ani V'atah which you wrote. If
I can't get permission by next Monday, I'll have to take it off the

Can you help me with the copyright issue?

Dick Hoehn
Richard A. Hoehn, Ph.D.
Director of Special Programs
Bread for the World Institute
50 F Street NW, Suite 500
Washington, DC 20001

Phone 202.639.9400 x 246
Fax 202.639.9401
Doron   24/Jan/2002:19:22:02
אני מחפש דחוף!!!! את הסרט לול
שאתה בטח מכיר
מעוניין להשכיר או לרכוש אותו ואין לי מושג איך להשיג אותו
אם תוכל לעזור לי אני מאד אודה לך
Ayala Amir   03/Jan/2002:22:41:41
אריק אתה זמר ענק מעריכה אוהבת לשמוע אותך

המון המון מזל טוב ליום הולדתך עד 120
רחל דהן תושבת
ירושלים מיקוד 95112
Kobi   12/Dec/2001:01:24:54
Would like to get please the words and cords for the song " Yeladim



Rina   24/Nov/2001:20:34:56
How do I get the movie Kvalim?
avraham de vries   23/Nov/2001:13:59:07

אפשר לסדר לי המילים של השיר

עיתונאי קטן שלי

e-mail נא לשלוח לי לכתובת
fabiano   21/Nov/2001:09:30:38

Is the High Windows album avilable on CD? Is the LP difficult to find?


Diane   28/Oct/2001:12:29:09
Please can you tell me in what year was Ani V'ata
written (with Miki Gavrielov).

It's my favourite song.
Annie Rosenzweig   21/Oct/2001:17:56:39
Does anyone here know where I'd be able to find a copy of the Shalom
Chaver CD set to buy online? I haven't been able to find it anywhere.

THanks for your help,
Annie Rosenzweig
Vincent Pechaczek   01/Oct/2001:11:33:25
Does anybody has an English translation of 'Laila Laila'.
It is such a beautifull song.
Beth   21/Sep/2001:22:02:37
I am desperately searching for the song Ani V'ata. Does it have another
name? What CD is it on? Please email me if you know. I would be very
grateful for any help!!!
ערן ויינטראוב   05/Sep/2001:21:19:57
חבל שמקצת מהחומר המצוי באתר של הזמר והכותב הענק הזה אינו כתוב בעיברית
eran   05/Sep/2001:20:52:02
הזמר הישראלי הכי ישראלי שיש כילד גדלתי על המוזיקה הזו אין כמוך אריק
מי יתן ותחיייה לשנים רבות מאד על מנת להנעים בקולך המרגיע את כל המוני
בני הנוער שאנים מודעים לקולך המדהים ולשירך היפים הם שןאלים אותי מהי ארץ
ישראל בשבילי הענה בשתי מילים בלבד א ר י ק א י י נ ש ט ן האחד והיחיד
Shachar   11/Aug/2001:09:04:59
I am looking for a song with a line "yesh arema shel hebre al hdesha"
do u know the name of the song?
Steve   22/Jul/2001:19:37:14
Many years ago I had an album (vinyl) by Arik called "Shablool". It was
stolen along with the rest of my collection, and I am attempting to
find a copy. I would prefer CD if it is available, but would be happy
if I can find a vinyl copy in good condition. Cassette would be
acceptable if CD or vinyl cannot be located. Please let me know if you
have a copy that you are willing to sell, or if you know where I can
buy one.
WF   16/Jul/2001:13:05:23
I am looking for the sheet music for Arik's song that I think is called
"Rach." (It starts out "k'shenatiti lach sha'ah . . .") Would you be
able to help me find the sheet music? Thanks very much.
מיכאל   07/Jul/2001:23:29:22
אני מנסה להשיג את המילים של השיר 'מאיה' ואינני מצליח האם תוכל לעזור לי
Farid   17/Jun/2001:02:38:08
Do you know if Arik sang a song called: Mi Yashir ?
If you know, please, tell me in which CD I can find it...
Thanks in advance.
Maria   15/Apr/2001:09:31:22
The song is on *Songs by Avraham Chalfi - Me Shirej Avraam Halfi*.
Please help if you have the lyrics!!!

alex   14/Apr/2001:00:22:28
I'm looking for the lyrics of ATUR MITCHECH
if somebody can send them to my will be appreciated
verey nice page
arik   18/Mar/2001:11:41:33
hey im was looking for somo people with the same name i don´t know how
many arik´s are in the world but i´m looking for them. well i´ll beter
keep´em searching them ,well have a nice day an d good luck
Maria   04/Mar/2001:14:17:24
Hi Roni,

"Shalom Haver" - on the same name album and on the Lean Parhu Ha
Nili   02/Mar/2001:19:19:52
Pesek Zman - "Pesek Zman"
Yoman Masa - A new album by Aviv Gefen
Roni G.   22/Feb/2001:21:53:46
I am desparately attempting to find out the names of the albums for the
following list of songs. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

1. Pesek Zman

2. Sichot Diplomatiyot

3. Shalom Chaver

4. Yoman Masa

5. Zeh Pitom Nafal Aleha

6. Shuv

7. Prague

8. Harchek Balaila
Maria   04/Feb/2001:17:48:35
Three pix from MUSKAT album booklet in Arik's Yahoo Club.
Arik   28/Jan/2001:10:34:08
Chet   14/Jan/2001:02:06:57
My wife and I are both Arik Einstein fans, and we have a bet going,
and thought maybe you could help.

I say Arik Einstein never gave a concert in Los Angeles in the'80's my
wife says he not only did give such a concert, but that it was ajoint
appearance with Matti Caspi!
Do you know if such an Einstein/Caspi concert in L.A. during the '80's
ever took place?

Thanks in advance if you can provide any answers we're looking for!
Katie   23/Dec/2000:09:43:47
Does Arik Einstein still perform? Do you know the name and number of
his booking agent?

Thank you.
Program Coordinator, Jewish Life -&- Learning
Jewish Community Center of Metropolitan Detroit
(248) 661-7631
FAX: (248) 661-7711
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Ben Kurtzer   25/Sep/2000:18:05:44
Does anyone know a song by Arik Einstein called "Tapuach
Zahav"? If so, what album is it on? Also, are there any
RealAudio samples of the song online?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Ben Kurtzer
Eli   03/Sep/2000:10:17:58
Hi, does anybody knows the hebrew text of OB-LA-DI, OB-LA-DA? Arik sang
this beatles song in 1969...togeather with BEIT-HAARAVA...thanks, Eli
MOTI BUCHMAN   29/Jun/2000:12:45:22
shlomi shlomi 02/Jun/2000:01:52:59
Maria   22/Nov/1999:00:49:24
Very special thanks to you Miry and Shlomo, now I've got the new
And I guess no one can tell to creator what way he have to create.
Don't give up people. If some words in songs have no meaning for you,
it's not your fault, maybe you're just not ready yet.
Anyone esle - review, thoughts, staaaam feelings?..
zipora kusher   11/Nov/1999:16:09:49
hi arik
i like music very much, and really think that some kind of music can
heal people.i hear a lot of singers and musicians, and listen very
carefully to what they have to say, because as a teacher i know that
the content of the songs and it's music can influence a lot and aducate
the youth for better values and higher ideals in their lives.children
and grown ups remember things bettre through songs-'s a pitty
that musicians don't use their ability to influence and prevent
violence, for instanc.i don't know why, but i expected you to do so.and
i a little bit disapointed.really' i like your voise, because it's
calming and could do miracles if you used it in the way i
menshioned before.
as a young girl i liked to hear your small record" arik vehainshtenim".
some of your songs means to me a lot. your last record "muskat"is not
sucessful to my opinion, because the words of the songs have no meaning
at all. i have a feeling that you just need to continue creating
reuben kagan   27/Oct/1999:11:53:28
hi is there something live in moscow and frick about arik einstain
napishite tikhtevu na
Sonia Becker   09/Oct/1999:09:50:19
I Fell in love with your song "Isha mevugeret". Is there any way I
could get the lyrics? I would appreciate it very much if you could send
it via e-mail. Thank you
Maria   27/Aug/1999:06:11:41
People, if you know something about Arik's new album - tell us please!
Or send me a loooong email, review etc, I'll post it here! Thanks!
Steve Katz   03/Jul/1999:22:58:45
Shalom. My group Mishpacha is producing a CD that includes one of Arik
Einstein's songs. We would like to get in touch with him to get
copyright permission. Does anyone know where in Isreal he lives?

Steve Katz
A.G.   26/Jun/1999:08:39:06
Are you familiar with the song "CHOF BAT YAM" which Arik and Shalom
sang together on their concert in 1979 ?
As far as I know, this song has never appeared on any record.
Albie Attias   26/Mar/1999:16:16:45

I need your help! Basically, I have heard a few of Ariks songs and I
have a problem. The problem is that although I know what the songs are
called I dont know which of his many albums they appear on. So, if
anyone can either give me a detailed breakdown (by song title) of Arik's
albums or point me to a site that lists this information I will owe you
big time.

Please help me out so that I can then go out and buy his stuff.


yoni noting... 24/Mar/1999:18:13:25
Do you know why Aric stops performing?
Someone told me that it has something to do with the song:
"Shir Se'halamti al Prag"?
please answer me...
shatzman avi   27/Jan/1999:17:20:12
i need e biogrphy of arik einstein in hebrew or anything

thank you
Michael   01/Jan/1999:05:32:44
Arik's two video cassettes, (Chamoush b'Mishkafaim, B'eretz Yisroael)
are both tremendous. In B'eretz Yisroael there is priceless footage of
the "old Israel." The music and spirit are also great. Long Live one
of the world's greatest artists, Arik Einstein!
CAROLYN   17/Nov/1998:16:32:58
I want an e-mail pal preferably m/13.Please
Bad Bunny Chat Zone 19/Oct/1998:18:31:53
Just surfing and came accross your page Thanks
tali landau   28/Aug/1998:14:04:30
Hello! my name is Tali , and I want to tell you, Maria, that
your site is really great! I love Arik Einstein, and I
think he is the best singer ever.
Only yesterday I thought I was the only one who think like this
and now I really feel better.I've searched in the internet
alot and never find a site which is properable to this great
man. I even thought to bilt a site myself ,but I'm not very good in
camputres. Thank you for thise wonderful site!
Nat Nat's place 21/Aug/1998:18:07:15
Well... I never realized his discography is HUGE!! Wow... I'll be on the
look out for his works now... Absolutely admirable.... Love him, and
thank you for sharing him with me! :)
Uri Goor   07/Aug/1998:19:25:54
The man is a living ledgend in Israel good job here.
Boaz Anin   07/Aug/1998:18:42:00
Arik Einstein without a doubt Israel's best singer.
In my opinion, he's the best singer in the world, even better than
Frank Sinatra!

I think there should be more Arik Einstein WWW pages...

Nice job on this one!
Alexander Dmitriev 07/Jul/1998:00:31:07
Hello, Maria -&- Viacheslav!

Thank you for your page. I've heard some Arik Einstein songs in the
early eighties in Moscow - on tape, so I don't know them by the title. I
didn't even know it was him then; later, when I heard him on the radio,
I reconstructed the songs by his voice and intonation. As I remember
there was a song based on a Russian melody ("Vot mchitsya troyka
pochtovaya"?), sung in a very melancholic and moving style. And I
suppose that was him who sang "Tzur mishelo" also. If you do know these,
would you please tell me from what album are they? The only Arik's CD
that is before my eyes now - "Collection" (1993).

Best regards and todah rabah :)


Leena   04/Jul/1998:06:47:03
Thank you, thank you, it was about time!
Arik Einsten is one of the greatest in Israeli music ever.
I am from Finland and I love his music, even though I don't
understand so much Hebrew.
It's very important to have these pages in English, because
not all the lovers of Israeli music live in Israel and understand
Hebrew. Thank you again.
Keep up the good work! Leena
Maria Maria -&- Viacheslav 28/Jun/1998:22:29:33
Hi! :) Welcome! And go ahead, tell us about Arik Einstein in your life!