This site will not be updated and will be staying here for the time being as back-up purposes
or as sign to the new home of this site, hopefully this will be the last time for a move.

1-Apr-03: NEW WEBSITE for Bootleg CDs and LPs, Josť Carlos Maltez []

has created a new complete website replacing Jeroen Schippers Torchsong

Website that has vanished a few months ago.  Josť completed the pages I started

years ago and added some nice pictures. Please help him to with additional information

and artwork, he has all I  had plus some floating around on the internet, be needs more.

You can also help him with reviews on bootleg CDs / LPs.

Also new versions of the ASCII versions of the Discography avialable.


You can get the full ASCII Versions of my Discography here.

Current Version (linked to the new homepage):

Marillion with Fish Discography

Marillion with Steve Hogarth Discography

Fish Solo Discography

Marillion outside Project / Samplers

All known Marillion vinyl bootlegs

All known Marillion CD bootlegs

All known Marillion DVD's and Videos

List of Variations Marillion with Fish Period


Last Modified: 01 aug 2003