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birdbybird.gif (5228 bytes) Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life  I don't think I can say it any better than this quote:  "A gift to all of us mortals who write or ever wanted to write... sidesplittingly funny, patiently wise and alternately cranky and kind -- a reveille to get off our duffs and start writing now, while we still can." -- Seattle Times.   Hilarious book, even if you never had a desire to pick up a pen.   Some real insight into the pains and joys of writing.  $16.10    Paperback, click here.


mexicans.gif (4511 bytes) The Mexicans:  A Personal Portrait of a People   To quote: "Told through tales of its people, The Mexicans is a captivating and revealing exploration of volatile modern Mexico, our complicated and increasingly turbulent neighbor to the south. "  I just happened to pick this up off the bookshelf one day and became fascinated with this personal accounting of people from all walks of life in Mexico.   Hard to put down, you will be caught up in these stories and I guarantee you, shocked.  And as you read, you become quickly aware of how important it is to understand our neighbor to the south.  Highly recommended.  $11.20
bailey.gif (5417 bytes) Smart Exercise by Covert Bailey.  You've all read exercise books, used machines and I can bet most of them are gathering mold.  Perhaps part of the reason is that you never understood what was going on in your own body and how taking advantage of that knowledge would lead to becoming more fit quicker.  Bailey explains the body's mechanisms and how they work in a way that is truly fascinating.  If you've ever seen his PBS shows, you know how entertaining he can be.  This is far and away the best book I've read on understanding what is going on inside YOU. $13.97  For the paperback edition, click here.