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Welcome to our Bookstore!  Since you browsed over here, you must be interested in books!   We decided that if you liked our Appalachian Hike pages, then perhaps you might also be interested in the kinds of books we read.  Please take the time to browse the selections.  By clicking on a book, you will be whisked off to where you can read further reviews of the book.  Should you decide to purchase, it is a simple matter of adding the book to your shopping cart at the Amazon site and then hitting your "Back" button to return here to browse some more.  Once you've decided on all your selections, just return to the Amazon site to go through checkout. Don't worry, you'll have a chance to review your selections and nothing is ordered until you give your credit card number, so you can always back out if you get confused or change your mind.     Haven't heard of or are wishing to find out a bit more?  Just slide that little mouse pointer over to the frame on the left and you can read about customer service, shipping,etc.  Take it from us - this is a very convenient way to order books! 

Please note - This site is a work in progress, so certain sections may have a limited number of works - that will change as fast as Janet and I read them!