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 After being a member of the mailing list for a short while, it occurred to me that a "live" chat page would probably be of interest to the members. Thus, this page was created to satisfy that need. It is open 24 hours a day, so feel free to stop in any time. You do need a Java enabled browser. IE3.02 and above or Netscape Versions 3 and above are all Java enabled. If it asks you for a password,click on "Connect" again and choose a different nickname. For this chat room, no password is required. Some names require a password and that is why you will get the error message if someone who is a Xoom member has that nickname already. Also, if it says this may be an imposter chat room, don't worry about that. I put it on a slightly different web page than what I registered it on. It will still work. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to email me at . Though not a technical wizard, I can perhaps help. Be patient with the load time – java applets are sometimes slow to load. Also, the web sites can be slow sometimes – Tripod has a lot of members. Enjoy chatting! (Note – limit of 25 at a time). Also - the Links to the left will open in a new window, so don't worry about cutting off your connection by visiting one of the links while you're waiting for more comments to show up in the chat room. You'll see a new window appear with the link's content and then can size the 2 different windows and be browsing and chatting at the same time!


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