Pictures from the Trail - 1995

The following is a list of pictures from our Appalachian Trail Hike in 1995. I've included a short description, so you will know if you wish to go take a look at that picture. Please make note of the descriptions below the pictures as the pictures may take up the full screen. Enjoy and let me know what you think! I will be adding to these for the next few weeks.

All pictures were taken with a Canon A2E SLR and 2 zoom lenses, a 20-35 Canon 3.5-4.5, and a Canon 70-210 3.5-4.5 Most were handheld - only filtration used was an occasional polarizer. Film - Fujichrome Sensia 100 and some Fujichrome Sensia 200. Processing done by Fuji Labs, Phoenix, AZ. Scans done by Dale Labs, Hollywood, Fl. Pictures not to be copied without permission of photographer.

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Updated 2/16/97

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