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Please allow me to introduce myself. I'm James Small and I live in Manitoba,Canada. I enjoy building models of all kinds, but I especially love the space craft seen in my favourite TV shows and movies. I am an especially a big fan of Space:1999 and Battlestar Galatica, the two shows that had the greatest overall influence in my interests, not to mention Star wars, which really put the adrenaline into it!! I had the unique opportunity to travel to England in August of 1996 to see, hold and photograph the original Eagle spacecraft(among others)used in Space:1999. This was the realisation of twenty year dream!!! I took many dozens of photographs of the model and intented to build one someday.

I have Mostly built kits over the years, but am now getting into scratchbuilding. As well as building models as a hobby, I am recently endevouring to get into the buisness of doing them for people who want the models but can't or don't want to build them themselves. I'm a "stay at home dad" who's looking to make a few bucks or trades on the side doing this!

I have sent some pictures of some kits I've put together over the years. The pictures were taken with a Canon Rebel XS SLR, then adjusted in Photoshop. I did not retouch the photos except for painting out unwanted backgrounds and adjusting brightness, contrast and so on. The models themselves were not altered in the pictures, except for the engine glow seen on the Starfighter. If you have any questions or comments (good or bad!) please email me. I look forward to your communication with like-minded modellers!

Thank you for reading this, and happy Modelling!!

Contact James about building Space 1999 models for you.James Small

Visit the Exhibits section of the Space:1999 Cybrary to see Jims Modified MPC/Airfix Eagle, a scratchbuilt Ultraprobe and kitbashed Laser Tank from Space 1999. Below are some sample pictures of James work.

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The Galactica from "Battlestar Galactica":
The Viper from "Battlestar Galactica":
Cylon Raider "Battlestar Galactica".:
Sulaco from "Aliens".:
Millennium Falcon:
Klingon Bird of Prey:
Star Fighter and Marauder from "Buck Rogers":
Jupiter II "Lost in Space":

*To see more of Jims work visit the Space 1999 Cybrary.*

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