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Review Site Author
2000/04/15's Chess History David Dunbar
2000/05/01 Alphonso X Book of Games Christian J. Hartmann
1999/06/07 Caxton Chess Encyclopedia Eric Schiller
1999/06/13 Chess Archaeology Nick Pope
1999/07/13 Chess Composition Books Anders Thulin
1999/07/22 Chess Curiosities Tim Krabb
2000/05/15 Chess Downloads Lars Balzer
2000/06/01 Chess Graphics Alan Cowderoy
1999/09/13 Chess History Bill Wall
2000/06/15 Chess Variants Hans Bodlaender
1999/09/30 Cleveland Public Library John G. White collection
1999/10/24 Historia Ajedrez (column) Ricardo Calvo
1999/11/10 Koninklijke Bibliotheek Van der Linde-Niemeijeriana collection
2000/07/01 La storia, personaggi e biblio Marco A. Alberti
2000/07/15 Max Euwe Centrum Amsterdam, NL
1999/12/01 Notable tournaments Eric Delaire (Echecs Quimper)
1999/12/15 On the square (column) John S. Hilbert (& others)
2000/01/15 Origin of Chess Gerhard Josten (& others)
2000/08/01 Schach-Ereignisse Erhard Frolik
2000/02/01 Two million games online ChessLab
2000/02/15 U.S. Chess Hall of Fame US Chess Trust
2000/03/01 World Champions Tryfon Costas Gavriel
2000/03/15 World Chess Championship Mark Weeks

1999/08/26 Chess Dictionary Raymond Reid
2000/01/01 The Origin of Chess Sam Sloan

1999/06/22 Chess Books Forum Francesco Di Tolla
1999/07/06 Chess Collectors Worldwide Stephen Mendiola
1999/09/21 Chess Lore (column) Edward Winter

2000/03/28 Search Engines

See Chess History on the Web (2000 no.16) for background information on this page.