Father's House Musick is a fully functioning Macintosh based project studio. Laser printer(B/W), 1200 dpi scanner, etc.
      Minidisc masters and Cassette masters accepted.  (DAT accepted with an extra charge)
    For your cd needs contact us at Jagware@juno.com.  We specialize in smaller cd orders.  Prices may vary,  but here is a basic run down...
 1 cd  $15.00 (no art work)
10-25  cd's  $7.00 each (no art work)
26-75  cd's  $6.00 each (no art work)
76-100 cd's $5.00 each (no art work)
The packages below include...printing on front & back of folder & inside of back insert!
10-25   cd's  $10.00 each (basic art work in B/W & printed on standard paper)
26-75   cd's  $09.00 each (same as above)
76-100 cd's  $08.00 each (same as above)