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Other Stuff

This page will just serve to have some general information and a few pictures about "Other Stuff". Also, there are listed some links to small pages on a few of the things I own. Just fun stuff mostly. Click away!

I bought a two-player sit-down arcade game. It is really big, but really cool. Check it out by clicking here ->My Arcade Game

How you doin'?

Just having a good time at home.

Relaxed, refined, posing

Me, relaxed, refined, posing.


A thoughtful shot of yours truly. This was taken on New Year's eve, '98 at Jenny & Ryan's apartment.

Yep, those are all Converse All-Stars!

Okay! I finally broke down and bought myself some Doc Martins. Everyone was giving me a hard time for only ever wearing Converse. The Doc's are cool, and I wear them all the time now.

Gizmo, my cat

Gizmo, my cat. He adopted us many years back. He had a good, easy life just hanging out around the house. Sadly, we recently had to have hime euthanized after he stopped eating and a couple of trips to the vet. We miss him, but it was his time.

My Command Center

My computer, from which this web page was created, and where I spend a goodly portion of my time. The hanging chair I've put away as it wasn't very ergonomically correct for typing.

My Bed

This is my new bed, it is a queen size floatation mattress, also known as a softside waterbed. I've got a goose down comforter on it (top of the line) and five pilows, one of which is a Ralph Lauren queen size goose down pillow I got for a steal. The seafoam bed linens I love, and my mother made the duvet for the comforter out of the two top sheets for the bed. All I'd like now is a matching bolster pillow. The bed is perfect, and my sactuary. With room for two, I'm thinking of the future.

Yeah, just a few pictures, but like I said, give me some time.