By Maureen B. Ocks

All notes at the end.


The dead man was unlike anything he ever saw before -- brawny
and faceless.  There was a strange smell to the air.  Nothing
noxious enough to kill him, but it wasn't healthy either.

"What do you mean they don't have a number for them?" he barked
into the phone.

"There were problems a year ago.  He escaped, she disappeared. 
They have gone out of their way to make sure they're off the radar."

"Find them."  He disconnected quickly to save the battery.   It
wasn't 11:00am yet, the temperature had to be ninety and he was
already exhausted.  Minutes later, another call offered four
numbers.  The first two were disconnected, the third was what
sounded like an elderly Spanish man.  The fourth number was right.

"This is Fox Mulder.  Who are you and how the hell did you get
this number?"

"Mr. Mulder, I'm Jack Bauer and I think we need Dr. Scully's and
your help."


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