Whatcha Gonna Do?
by Maureen B. Ocks

On the television, Mulder was chasing werewolves.  In the four
years since this edition of "Cops" had been filmed, it was
shown four times on the FOX network, eleven times on
CourtTV and six times on KSTU.   She somehow saw it every
time it aired.

So did the people on the reservation.  He'd spend the next week
assuring some of the locals that Steve and Edy were really good
people, Deputy Wetzel wasn't as "hunky" in person as he was
on TV and that yes, he and Dr. Scully were really once in the
FBI but now they lived here.

It wasn't any better for her.  Patients at the clinic wanted to
know if the FBI really had something to hide, what happened to
the Medical Examiner's assistant and why she left the FBI and
all that excitement for life in Montezuma Creek, Utah.

The FBI had lots to hide, the Medical Examiner's assistant was
dead and a deal with "them" traded the excitement of the FBI
for freedom and family.  

She threw a tape into their ancient VCR.   Bill's birthday was in
three weeks.

This was a Scullyfic/Emuse Writer's Block Challenge.  Write a short story
in five minutes using a certain line.  Mine was:  

15.  On the television (or radio or CD player), _______ was _______.

I'm writing a story and the Mulder-Scully post "Truth" home is in 
Montezuma Creek, Utah.

Jean, please put away the pointy stick.  


Feedback is like that theme song from Cops, something that just sticks with you the whole day long: