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By Maureen B. Ocks

Disclaimer:  Fox Mulder, Dana Scully and all other familiar X Files
characters belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and FOX.  No
copyright infringement intended.

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Finally, my first field assignment.  Two years -- I have been waiting
for this for two years.  At last, I'm going to do what I'm training my
students to do at Quantico.

Go Dana!

Mulder...well, there is one arrogant prick.  God help the woman
who winds up with that.

Lots to do before I leave tomorrow.  Picked up my dry cleaning.  I
cancelled my newspaper for the week.  The Post Office will hold
my mail.  Watered all my plants yesterday, so that's good.

Nothing is too old in the fridge.  Well, maybe the lettuce in the
crisper, better safe than sorry.  Probably the milk too.

I need to pack...


Shit, American Airlines lost my brand new Delsey pullman when
Ethan and I were coming back from Miami.  My Delsey, his clubs. 
Mom unloaded all my stuff I was storing in her basement when Dad


Oh God, this is Melissa's.  

And it's blue.


Author's notes:

That blue suitcase was so not Scully.  I figure she spent the night
peeling off Melissa's Grateful Dead TeddyBear stickers:

Feedback -- the post office will not be holding my mail: