Fox Vila
By Maureen B. Ocks

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Two Grey Hills, New Mexico
December 22, 2003

She was gone eleven days, their longest separation since they
got him back.

Who got the measles anymore?  Well, a two-year-old with four
homes and six pediatricians in the last ten months and his
improperly inoculated mom.  The doctor kept them in the
hospital -- the others on the reservation had spotty medical
records too.

Eleven days alone got him thinking.  The house was small with
none of the comforts of home.  He decided to give her one --
with some help.  

"We're home." Her voice made him smile.  The bundle she
carried waved to make his presence known.  The house was a
home for the first time in eleven days.

After a long hug and some family time, she asked what he did
while they were gone.  

He took her to the bathroom door, covered in wrapping paper. 
She opened it to find the fiberglass shower replaced with a
clawfoot tub.

"Merry Christmas Scully."


Author's notes:

2 155-word stories in a week -- wow, I'm getting ambitious. 
Obviously I need a nap.

The fabulous Shari didn't beta this one -- she would have caught
the mistakes, but this is a quick piece of fluff.

Since I'm just a tad older than Scully and improperly inoculated
for the measles (we had epidemics in both high school and
college), I'm figuring she got the same bad bunch I did.

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