by Maureen B. Ocks

All characters belong to the big guy, I'm just taking them out for a
test drive.
E-Muse/Writer's Block Ten Minute Spill Challenge (see at the end)
Keywords: Not one word here is key.

Author's notes at end.


Usually, when I read her blackberry messages, I hear her voice. 
She thought the blackberry was a great Christmas gift.  It probably
was.  It means she can find me at any time, which given my ability
to go running off on my own at the worst moment possible is a
good thing.

The first message this weekend said "got your package."  Not a
wonderful wake up call on the plane landing in a cloudy London. 
"Miss you."  "Sorry we fought."  "You're an asshole and I was
feeling pissy, come home."  All those would have been preferable
to "got your package."

Actually that blackberry message sounded more like the AOL
voice announcing "you've got mail" in my head.

The blackberry read "need to talk when you're back" as the landing
gear whirred on our descent into National Airport.  Now that
sounded like her.

That was the only thing that sounded like her where I returned. 
Running into each other accidentally, I became the needle in her
haystack, a prick she found among the million plus people who
were in the DC Metro area that day.  

The story she had made me think weekends away from each other
are a bad thing.  A dying ex-boyfriend (there's a nasty turn of
events), a Buddhist Temple, communing with God and a
realization that she is where she should be.  I thought she should
have been in London but hey, I didn't get a vote this time.

Actually the realizing she is where she's supposed to be had a
hopeful tone to it as I drifted off to sleep. The only problem was
she was sleeping on the couch and I was in bed - not where I'm hoping
she's supposed to be. 

Challenge Requirements:

Write for no more than 10 minutes, including the following elements:

The piece must include a proverb, adage or familiar phrase (e.g. "she's a 
brick house," "between the devil and the deep blue sea," "one foot in the
grave," "a stitch in time saves nine," "don't count your chickens before t
hey hatch," etc.) THAT YOU'VE CHANGED IN SOME WAY.

-  The piece must contain five of the following words or images:  



Not sure if "the needle in her haystack" is enough of a change but I
liked the idea that needle worked with prick.

Not beta'd - hell, I'm on a conference call right now not really
paying attention (to the call, I'm trying my best here).  I'm 
responsible for all errors.

Not to put too fine a point on this, I love feedback: