154 Words:  Inter-Office
By Maureen B. Ocks

Disclaimer:  Fox Mulder, Dana Scully and all other familiar X
Files characters belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and
FOX.  No copyright infringement intended.

Spoilers:   Conduit and a vague location reference to my story
"Office Politics".
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Author's notes at the end.


October 10, 1993
Hoover Building

She was given ASAC Fisher's office.  Fisher would be on
maternity leave for seven weeks -- hopefully enough time for
Blevins to find her an office of her own.

The office was clean except for a big inter-office envelope on the

Sitting behind the borrowed desk, Scully was surprised the
envelope was for her -- she only found out about this office
assignment this morning.    

She spilled the envelope's contents, several audio cassettes, on
the desk before pulling out an accompanying note.  She still
didn't know how but she knew who -- Mulder.


Spoke with D. Morris.  Still not cooperating, probably never
will.  I mailed Ruby my card with my home number if she wants
to talk.

Thought you'd be interested in these.  You have my number if
you want to talk.


Scully looked at the tapes -- F. Mulder,  Hypnotic Regression
Therapy.  Maybe this would help her understand why he kept
walking into that room.


In "Office Politics" I had Scully spending her first few months
going from spare empty office to spare empty office before
"Ghost in the Machine".  

A big thank you to the fabulous Shari who is too wonderful for

Thank you also to the RetroX Team -- you folks are making this
so much fun!

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