Better Places Than Here

OK, so you got here and realized:

"Hey, I'd rather be somewhere else!"

Me too!

Here are some of my favorite sites:

I wish my site looked like:

The X Files
The Official X Files homesite
When bad things happen to good FBI Agents
Sparky's Doghouse
A great site that has fanfic "picks of the week" (OK, I was a pick, it is shameless self promotion)
CiCi Lean's Fanfics of the Week
Another great site that has "picks of the week" (and yes, I was mentioned here too)
The Annex
Although I will never write anything long, the good long stuff lives here.
Primal Screamers
I love this page -- these women have fun with fanfic. (OK I was fic of the week here as well)
Fanfic Links
You need to find someone, you'll find 'em here!
The Granddaddy of them All
Guest Book
My Guest Book

Send me your cool sites