A New and Glorious Morn
by Maureen B. Ocks

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Keywords:  Christmas, assumed MSR.

Rated PG13 (it is Christmas).  Author's notes at the end.


A thrill of hope
the weary soul rejoices
For yonder breaks
a new and glorious morn
Fall on your knees
Oh hear the angel voices
Oh night divine
O night when Christ was born.

-- Oh Holy Night


Dana Scully's apartment
December 25th, 9:10am

My favorite Christmas happened when I was 14 years old.

We were in San Diego.  My mother told us that Dad was
coming home on December 29th.  For the ten years prior to
that, my father was never home in December.  When I was
eight, he left two weeks before Thanksgiving and wasn't back
until three weeks after my birthday.

But when I was 14, I got what I really wanted for Christmas. 
My father walked in the door on December 22nd.  My mother,
it seems, knew and wanted to surprise us.  

Even Melissa, who was beginning her anti-military-the Navy is
full of fascists-Dad is wasting his life-phase, was thrilled.

That Christmas, the Scullys as a family went to Midnight Mass
on the base.  My father went in his uniform, my mother in her
new black coat from Dad.  Bill went in his college interview
suit, Melissa in this flowery thing that foreshadowed her
signature outfit as an adult.   Charlie wore his confirmation suit
while I wore a green corduroy skirt, a nice white blouse and a
pair of boots I spent all my babysitting money on the day after

After Mass, we sang -- actually sang -- Christmas carols as we
walked home.

When ever my family talks about holidays, we talk about that

We never had a Christmas like that before.  Even in the years
before  Dad was gone, Charlie and I were too young for
Midnight Mass so Mom would go at midnight with the older
kids while Dad took Charlie and me the next morning.

We also never had another Christmas like that.  Once Dad was
stationed back in the States for good, the kids all scattered like
the wind.  Bill went to the Academy, Melissa just went.  One
year after we moved to Maryland, I volunteered to help
winterproof some Appalachian homes with Fr. McCue's Teen
Club over Christmas break.  Then I went to college and med
school, studying my way through the holidays while Charlie
played on a couple of championship H.S. and JV college
football teams.

Adult life after school made things even more difficult at
Christmas.  Bill was now serving all over the world, I was
working for Uncle Sam myself.  Melissa was always into
something new and Charlie was trying to get "jets".

Since Dad's death, Mom has prodded, begged, cajoled,
whatever, to put together family Christmases.  We had one --
the year after Dad died and before Melissa did -- and it was
nice.  That was the year Bill brought Tara home and they made
their engagement announcement.  It was very nice.

Bill and Charlie were both on duty the following year so Mom
and I had a nice dinner at The Palm.  Charlie joined us the next
year and then there was the wonderful trip to San Diego.

It wasn't my worst Christmas, though I'm sure my mother thinks
otherwise.  There was some hope that year.  Emily, like Dad
walking through the door 20 years earlier, was a welcome
surprise.  It was my worst New Year's though. 

Last year was nice.  I missed Midnight Mass running through a
haunted house with Fox Mulder -- Anti Claus.

No, that's not true.  Mulder was lonely and found a way to
work me into his life.  In a lot of ways, Mulder including me on
that odd little adventure was as nice a gift as the beautiful
Picasso scarf he gave me the next morning.  It was our first
Christmas Eve together.

And this is our second.

Tara is pregnant again.  No one told me right away, which in
hindsight would have made the next major family gathering
interesting.  After all, the last time I saw Bill, he had one kid. 
What were they going to do with the new one, pretend he or
she wasn't theirs?  Better yet, "Damn Dana, I knew we forgot to
tell you something."

I found out about the future Scully two days before Mulder
returned to work after his latest brush with death.  I was thrilled
for Tara and Bill.  I was also hurt that my family thought I was
either so selfish or fragile that I couldn't be happy for them.

Mom told me a few weeks ago over dinner that Christmas
would be in San Diego this year since Tara is having a rough go
this time around.  Since Y2K contingency plans mean all leave
has been cancelled from December 27th until January 2nd for
FBI agents, I wasn't making San Diego this year.

Mulder and I made Christmas plans instead.  Well, I made
Christmas plans -- Mulder's Christmas experience it seems
started when Samantha was four and disappeared with her. 
Mrs. Mulder was afraid of offending her family in Brookline
with things like a Christmas tree or lights; Mr. Mulder just
didn't care.

But bless his heart, Mulder tried.  Last week we went tree
shopping -- that was interesting.  Fox Mulder has a lot of
Charlie Brown in him.  Every tree he picked was worse than the
one before.   Honest to God, one snapped in two when he
picked it up.

Mr. Tree Seller realized what a danger Mulder was to his
business and quickly found us a nice six footer with most of its
branches and tied it to Mulder's car.

Mulder made up for his lack of tree picking skills with his tree
decorating skills.  He did a great job with the lights, managed to
mix and match my growing collection of Christmas balls nicely
and much to my great surprise, put the tinsel on in individual

After we went to bed that night, I got up and took a quick
picture of the tree.  I think I found the front of my cards for
next  year.

Skinner threw the two of us out of the office at 3pm December
23rd, showing Mulder a memo he sent building security with
both of our pictures on it and an order that we are banned from
the building until December 27th.

My guess is Mulder will try to sneak in on the 26th.

I figured he did some last minute shopping Christmas Eve -- I
was done in November -- because he sent me an e-mail telling
me he'd be waiting for me after Midnight Mass.

He lied.

As I walked back from communion, I saw Mrs. Daley, the
women in apartment 72, sitting several rows behind me.  I tried
to catch her eye to ask her if she needed someone to walk her
home when I saw my Christmas miracle.

Fox Mulder was sitting three rows behind her.

Since half of Mrs. Daley's row left after communion, I sat next
to her.  Before I could ask if she wanted company on the way
home, she offered to walk me home -- it was getting late and
"We girls have to look out for ourselves."

Mrs. Daley is 85 if she's a day.

As Mass ended, I brought Mrs. Daley to Mulder.

"This is my friend Fox Mulder," I began the introductions,
"Mulder, This is my neighbor Mrs. Daley."

Mulder was at his charming best, extending an arm to both of
us and discussing how he was the envy of every man there with
two beautiful women on his arms.  He brought his car so we
were home in less than ten minutes.

Since Mulder "forgot" something in his car after we got to the
building, I brought Mrs. Daley to her door.   Not surprisingly,
the elevator ride and the walk to her apartment was one of the
most thorough interrogations I've been involved in.  Mrs. Daley,
it seems, thought Fox Mulder was a catch.  Smart, polite and
"not hard on the eyes".

Now, I could have told her all about Mulder's aliens,
conspiracies and occasional need for an attitude adjustment. 
Instead I wished her a Merry Christmas and returned to my

What Mulder "forgot" in his car was a beautifully wrapped box
and a wonderful bottle of brandy.  He also lit the tree, started a
fire and had my favorite holiday CD -- Phil Spector's Christmas
Album -- playing in the background.  

"Mrs. Daley likes you." I told him as he handed me a snifter.

"I clean up pretty good."  He poured himself a little.  

"Yes, you do.  Were you there the whole time?"

"I wanted to just stand in the back but there was this usher who
just insisted all the standees find seats.  He waved one young
girl down front while her boyfriend was seated near the choir. 
When he got near me, I just found a seat on my own."

I smiled.  Mr. DeMarco could always squeeze an extra person
in a pew.  "Any reason why you were there?"

He looked down at his socks -- his shoes were no where to be
found, "This was something important to you.  I wanted to see

"You could have come with me."

"I didn't know I was going until about 10:30.  Then it became
the most important thing I could think of."  He shrugged his
shoulders.  "It was...nice."

"It was."  I stand on my tiptoes and kiss him on the cheek. 
"Even nicer when I found you there."

We opened our presents after that.  Mulder's good watch
disappeared when he was transferred out of North Georgetown
by his mother.  He was wearing his yellow running watch lately. 
I found a nice Movado with a black leather band.

Hey, I like Mulder in black, what can I say.

Mulder bought me a beautiful black pashmina shawl along with
a nice cashmere pullover sweater to wear with it.  Mulder must
like me in black as well.  

We watched a version of "A Christmas Carol" with Henry
Winkler of all people on cable while enjoying a little more of the
brandy before falling into bed.  I dozed off with Mulder's arms
around me.

Which is why I'm fairly unhappy to be up and alone now.  I
thought maybe, just maybe he was in the bathroom but we
didn't have that much to drink last night.

And besides, the sheets are cold.

So is the room -- he keeps opening the window a crack at night
-- so the room is freezing.  His trip away with the Morley Man
suddenly made him a nut for fresh air but while it was
invigorating in October, it is freezing right now.

Wrapped in my comforter, I shut the window and decide on a
shower.  In his defense, I found a post-it note on the bathroom
mirror telling me he was going for a quick run.  After washing
up, I put on a pair of jeans and a green sweater, turn up the
thermostat and decide I need some coffee.  In the living room I
find that Mulder relit the tree and found a station playing
Christmas carols on the radio.  In the kitchen, he's already
started a pot of coffee.

I'm less unhappy after my first cup.  

I'm very happy when he returns.  It seems Mulder's run ended at
the Old Georgetown Bakery on M Street.  Oh, the Mulderscent
mixed with fresh pastries -- it is Christmas.

"Merry Christmas, Scully." He places the pink box of goodies
on the dining room table and kisses me thoroughly.

"Merry Christmas, Mulder."  I tell him after the kiss.  I notice
he is holding a sprig of mistletoe.  Taking it from him, I toss it
on the counter, "You don't need that," and I prove it.  

Mulder looks down at me and smiles, "I ran into your Mrs.
Daley as I was walking in.  She's thrilled you met a nice young

"Obviously you lied about other things than just your age."

"Ha ha.  She was glad you had someone to spend Christmas
with."  Mulder walks into the living room, taking off his coat. 
"I waited with her until her cab came."

I pour him a cup of coffee and take a peek in the box.  Muffins! 
"That was nice."

"Yea, her kids should pick her up though.  Sending a cab is

"She's going to one of her friend's home for Christmas.  She and
Romey never had any kids."


"Mr. Daley."

"Romey?"  Mulder comes up behind me and pulls me toward
him, "What kind of name is Romey?" He breathes into my ear.

"Well, Fox," I tease but turn and give him a quick smile. 
"Romey's real name was Jerome.  Mrs. Daley never liked Jerry
so she called him Romey."

"What happened to Romey?"

"Had a stroke about 10 years ago and died.  He was 80, I guess.
Taught at Georgetown.  800 people went to his funeral.  She
was alone when I met her.  Alone but not lonely."


"No.  She was a social worker.  She started the church's senior
citizens center and even at her age still does a lot to run it."  I
think back to the day when I ran into Mrs. Daley in the laundry
room.  I was trying to wash the mud of the Florida woods out
of my camping gear and she was washing table linens for the
senior center's Octoberfest.  Mrs. Daley started talking about
her husband and their lives.  "She told me once that she and
Romey loved each other.  Really loved each other."  Suddenly
I'm filling up with tears.


"She told me that God decided they had so much love for each
other, that they were so lucky to find each other, they knew
more was expected of them.  She worked in some of the
poorest areas of D.C.  He taught illiterate adults at night.  God
blessed them with each other so they thanked Him the best way
they could."  I look at the man that I love and realize I was
blessed to find him seven years ago, blessed to love him and
have him love me, blessed to have him find me when I was lost,
blessed to find him when he was lost.

Nearing the end of this century, I find myself held lovingly in
Mulder's arms and basking in the glory of God's love on the day
He sent His only Son.

Mulder smiles, "Merry Christmas, Scully."

"Merry Christmas, Mulder."


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