The Stare
By Maureen B. Ocks

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Spoilers:   Pusher, mid-episode.
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"I have to agree with Agent Mulder, sir."

Did I just hear that?  She has to agree with me.  She hasn't
agreed with me in weeks.  We fought about Lucy Householder,
Kevin Kryder, Detective White and Bill Patterson and here she
has to agree with me.  I need to make a note of this day -- Dana
Scully had to agree with me. 

God, weren't we just arguing about Modell at the gun range? 

Aren't we always arguing lately?  

Skinner seems to be buying what Scully is selling.  She's not
getting the "I'm barely tolerating you" look but then again, he
never looks like he's just tolerating her.  Lately though, she's
been looking like she barely tolerates me.  

That's not completely true.  She's still here and I guess if she's
arguing, she's not giving up. 

Skinner wants to bring Modell in for questioning.  I'm sure Burst
and his team would love to be in on that. 


"I have to agree with Agent Mulder, sir."

Why is he staring at me?  Mulder's right.  I'm telling our boss to
trust Mulder on this.  I'm finally playing along, isn't this what
Mulder wants?  

Well, not playing.  Holly seems nice but I can't explain why she'd
attack Skinner.  Hell, she kicked the daylights out of him.  And
she doesn't look like she spends quality time at the gym working
the heavy bag either.

Then again, neither do I.  

I keep talking because that's what I do.  I explain to the people
on this floor what Mulder does downstairs.  He's got this mostly
figured out and we'll fill in the blanks.  This is his gift.  It is what
they want him to do.  It is what nearly killed him a few weeks

Stop staring, Mulder.  I do this every damn day for you.

Skinner wants to talk to Modell.  I bet Agent Burst does too.


Author's notes:

My favorite scene in "Pusher" happens after Holly tells her side
of the story and Mulder brings Skinner and Scully into the hall. 
Mulder explains his theory and Scully agrees.  For the first time
in a while, Mulder is shocked.  That's "The Stare".

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A shout out to Bone for doing this.

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